Social Media Marketing fun matures as fundamental

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Social media marketing is maturing and growing up, and as it does - and especially as measurement on business impact has got rapidly more sophisticated - strategies and tactics have moved from focusing on volume of fans and engagement, to now become increasingly fundamental to the core parts of a business’ operation says MEC in its  third edition of Review Preview .

“The essays have come from our incredible global network and really provide an international flavor to what’s happening in marketing. The reality of the connected consumer is here and looking forward we expect to see further marketing benefits derived from reaching these consumers across multiple platforms and through a variety of channels. While technology continues to develop at speed it’s not technology itself that creates change but how consumers choose to interact and use it,” Jeff Hyams, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA  said.

Content as a foundation of marketing communications has been growing in influence over the past few years. MEC talked last year about the era of ‘Content-ricity’, and what we see now is the growth in the use of technology at the heart of brands’ content ideas. Whether that is creating technology solutions that provide utility to consumers and then fuel content stories; or using the digital infrastructure to amplify a content idea, the lines between technology, product and communications are blurring like never before.

The world of retail is changing, and fast. Disrupted initially by online e-commerce, physical retail environments of all kinds are now being infiltrated by digital technologies. Digital storefronts, mobile payments, data driving personalized shopping experiences are just a few ways that our retail world is now being shaken up and the rules of shopper marketing being rewritten

Review Preview essays have been written by some of MEC’s most senior staff from across its international network, offer a truly global perspective on the industry and provide a collection of articles to stimulate industry discussion and give direction to the trends of 2013 and beyond.


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