Smile Group announces 100M Dollar partnership with TPG

April 17, 2022 5:36 pm0 commentsViews:

smile groupSmile Group , the India-based Asian Internet Group, has entered into a partnership with TPG Growth , to build businesses across APAC and MEA under the brand name Katalyzers .

The joint venture will partner with successful internet companies in the marketplace, classified listings, local commerce, digital media, e-commerce and mobile space and help rollout their businesses across Asia and other emerging markets.

Smile Group, in the past, has successfully supported the international expansion of companies like, WPP Digital, Yahoo and others across Asia, Africa and Latin America through joint ventures and sweat equity partnerships.

Harish Bahl, the founder of Smile Group said “Katalyzers will leverage Smile’s strengths, enabling successful digital companies to build businesses with speed and efficiency across the emerging markets without diverging their focus and bandwidth from the home markets. We will bring together on one common platform local Asian knowledge, experience of building businesses, in-house talent of entrepreneurs, media and technology professionals, partnerships with marketing and performance media companies like Tyroo, DGM & WPP and now in partnership with TPG, deep financial assets for co-investment opportunities.”

“We are really excited to join hands with Smile Group. Bringing companies to the international markets will require deep expertise and capital,” said Keith Nilsson, who represents TPG Growth.  “TPG Growth looks forward to supporting emerging technology companies in their endeavour to enter new overseas markets in partnership with Katalyzers.”
Katalyzers has set up offices in India, Singapore, and San Francisco and has presence across China, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America through partner offices of Smile & TPG.


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