Shailendra Singh launches Made in India project

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Shailendra Singh launched the Made in India project, a United Welfare Trust initiative, on Wednesday, 19 December 2021 at Mumbai. With an objective to celebrate, promote and build Brand India, Shailendra Singh unveiled the ‘Made in India’ logo and the manifold initiatives that would encompass this original and positive non-profit movement.

Joining him in launching this first of it’s kind movement were World Cup Winning All-Rounder - Kapil Dev, India’s Retail Czar - Kishore Biyani, Best-selling Author - Amish Tripathi, Limca Award Winning Endurance Runner - Sumedha Mahajan, and the Youngest Indian to Climb Mt. Everest - Arjun Vajpai.

Made in India offers the ultimate platform that, for the very first time, will unite all Indians in “Celebration of India”. The focus will only be on the positive and activities will be targeted at spreading goodwill and inspiration. Made in India will be a holistic, 360-degree movement encompassing online, on ground and media activities with an objective to finding a prominent place in the hearts of a billion Indians. Phase I of the venture will include merchandise, knowledge expos, charity dinners, online platforms and even a feature film.

The website will be launched on January 1, 2022 with an aim to enable proud citizens of India to come together, express their positive views and inspiring opinions, and celebrate the beauty of being Indian. India is full of amazing stories - great people, doing great things. But we never get to hear about it! is India’s first platform where you will read all about, and only about, ‘good news’! Visitors can check back every morning for ‘Breaking Good News!’, and start their day with the right energy.

The site will feature the ‘Top 100 Indians’ both present in India and settled across the globe. Visitors can surf and choose from a library of 50 AVs showcasing ’50 Glorious Moments in Indian History’. New properties that will be launched through 2013 - 2014 include the ‘World Rankings of Top 100 Indians’ and the ‘Made in India Roadtrip’. An uplifting feature of this website is that it will strictly filter any negative comments or hateful responses and only focus on positive views - thereby spreading a celebratory vibe across the nation.

Another exciting and distinctive feature of this website is that it enables everyone an opportunity to send their messages, views and thoughts to the Top 100 Indians located in India and around the world. ‘’ will make every possible effort to ensure that these messages are delivered and viewed by these iconic individuals.

A range of specially designed Made in India (MII) merchandise was unveiled that allows Indians to wear their pride. Not only can 1.24 billion Indians proudly wear and display the Made in India merchandise, but the 6 million visitors to India can also express their love of India in the form of ready to wear or customizable merchandise.

A very exclusive and innovative feature of the Made in India project is the unique registration process wherein Indians register online at and attain a unique alpha-numeric code that becomes their Made in India Citizenship Number. This number can be sported by MII citizens on their customized, MII exclusive merchandise and also used for a range of activities, communication and entitlements under the various MII initiatives.

Made in India aims to capture ‘Top Indian Interviews’ which will feature Indian achievers, leaders, celebrities, athletes and philanthropists and showcase their unique insights and inspirational stories on how being ‘Made In India’ made them.

Shailendra Singh is the man behind the movement. During 25 years in the business of entertainment, media and communications, he has launched brands, conceptualized campaigns and created numerous events in promotion of Brand India. He has lived and breathed Brand India. At the launch, he presented his vision and views on the diverse polarities and dynamics that comprise “New India” and the significance of celebrating India.

If India’s 600 million under the age of 25 are listening/ watching/ reading only about terrorism, scams, conflict, corruption, etc - where is their hope for the future? While the media and politicians, as is their duty to do so, are tackling the big issues, the hard issues, the controversial issues, we cannot lose sight of all the positive aspects of India. Shailendra Singh defined Brand India as a ‘Traditional Energetic Brand of the Future’ that will thrive on positive energy and celebration.

Commented Shailendra Singh, “India has arrived. We, as proud Indians, have to take complete ownership of our nation and help promote ‘Brand India’ to the world. The time has come to celebrate the phenomenal rise and success of India and showcase the pride that we have for our nation. Made in India will be the first step in this direction and serve as the ultimate platform and a medium by which we can display our passion, love and pride for our country.”

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