Samsung on the rise, Is Apple on the wane?

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In 2012, the battle between Apple and Samsung took place on a global stage, both inside and outside of courtrooms. What makes this turf fight particularly interesting is the dependency these two titans have on one another.  After all, Samsung is Apple’s biggest parts supplier, yet its fiercest competitor in the smartphone market. By year’s end, Apple was victorious on the legal front, but Samsung won on the main stage, with consumers. Apple was the world’s No1 company by market value, but Samsung was the world’s largest technology company by sales.

This same, “Yes, but…” phenomenon is also reflected in the brands’ cultural vibrancy.  Apple’s global VIBE is stronger overall, but Samsung’s VIBE – just behind Apple’s – is more stable across countries.  Apple’s VIBE is being pulled into the stratosphere by the devotion it has earned in the USA, Western Europe and Australia.  It’s a bumpier road for the brand in Asia, and more tempered in Brazil too.

It’s one thing to be a culturally vibrant brand in one part of the world. It’s another to radiate that vibrancy at high amplitude across the world. It means the brand has not only tapped into global shifts in values and attitudes, but also expressed itself and engaged people in ways that resonate culturally on a local level.

As the world shrinks and our connectivity to one another grows, brands need to stay true to their roots, and do so in ways that are Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting, regardless of where they play.

Source: Cultural Traction 2013 report,Culturally vibrant brands
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