Russia on Four Wheels” premieres on History TV18

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History_channelJustin Rowlatt and Anita Rani are known for their epic road trips, which give a whole new perspective to the land they traverse. History TV18 presents Russia on Four Wheels , a series comprised of two massive road-trips across the world’s largest country.

Russia, with its colossal expanse, bad roads, scattered habitations and extreme weather conditions, makes for a conspicuously challenging and exasperating road expedition. Yet, Justin Rowlatt and Anita Rani take up the challenge of driving thousands of miles in three weeks to find out how far Russia has left its Cold War past behind and where the country is headed in the future. They begin their journey in Sochi, the Black Sea resort home to the 2014 Winter Olympics – the most expensive games ever.

With millions of square miles of land, Russia is endowed with diverse topography, culture, habitations, and a storehouse of natural resources, making it one of the most dynamic nations on earth. To do justice to their exploration, Anita sets out to discover ‘new’ Russia as she travels north and west from Sochi in a Kombat - a Russian built luxury armoured plated bling machine - her oligarch tank, whereas Justin heads east into ‘old’ Russia, in a slightly battered Soviet-built UAZ ‘jeep’ first designed in the 1940s for the Red Army

Anita encounters a thriving world of westernised entrepreneurs, the mega-rich and rebellious youth, and people who are at the forefront of shaping a new and vibrant Russia. Meanwhile, Justin meets traditional Russians and encounters a land that seems hardly to have changed since before the Cold War years.

Catch this exciting trip on Monday, 12th May at 9:00PM, only on History TV18.


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