Planman Group to host PowerBrands Glam 2013 at Las Vegas

June 25, 2021 5:09 pm0 commentsViews: 76

Planman Group will be hosting PowerBrands Glam 2013, at The Venetian, Las Vegas next week to reward super achievers, achievers and promising brand of India. This two-day celebration will salute selected Indian brands, inspirational leaders and next-generation entrepreneurs who have shaped, and continue to shape, the nation’s destiny.

PowerBrands has also joined hands with ‘I Am For India’ – an initiative by Smt. Latha Rajinikanth to commemorate ‘India’s Night of Inspiration’ under which the Inspirational Leaders of New India awards are being conferred.

PowerBrands Glam 2013 promises to be one-of-a-kind commemoration of Indian leadership on a global platform and Las Vegas is the destination of choice for the celebration; because for decades the place has glimmered like a global powerhouse of triumph and celebration.

Over the two power-packed days, Planman will also present the signature PowerBrands Hall of Fame Awards and PowerBrands Leadership Awards. PowerBrands Hall of Fame is an honor given to Indians across the globe for their invaluable contribution to the society. PowerBrands Leadership Awards recognize the efforts of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and professionals in the country, across all sectors and industries.

Talking about the occasion, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-chief shares his vision for PowerBrands, which he says is an effort to showcase India’s transformation as a global force by bringing together the best Indian talent from diverse fields. “PowerBrands Glam Inauguration Ceremony will applaud men and women who have been change makers, the powerful team who have consistently delivered true value to showcase India’s transformation as a global force,” he says.

Deepak Kaistha, CEO - Planman Group and PowerBrands further states that PowerBrands Glam as a platform will be the most radiant platform from where everyone in the world can see and applaud the most distinguished personalities and brands of India. “PowerBrands Glam is a salute to the new Brand India. Layered between qualities of absolute timelessness, PowerBrands GlamMe awards are a celebration of self-achievement. It is the recognition that every brand and its leader aspires.”

Dr. Ruby Dhalla, the first Indian origin Member of the Canadian Parliament & the Ambassador-at-large for PowerBrands Glam 2013 states,  “It’s a matter of great pride and honor to be associated with PowerBrands Glam 2013. I applaud Planman’s efforts to give Indian Brands and leaders a global platform to showcase their strength.”

PowerBrands Glam 2013 is supported by Gitanjali Group. Mehul Choksi, Chairman and Managing Director of Gitanjali Group says PowerBrands Glam cherishes the New Brand India. “To bolster entrepreneurship, you need platforms like PowerBrands that give the much needed boost. Their expertise on brands and their authority on the subject will make PowerBrands honors absolutely timeless. I am proud to have associated with it!”

‘India’s Night of Inspiration’ is presented by Montex Group.  Raman R. Jain, Founder & Chairman –Montex Group further added, “We are happy to be associated with this initiative which celebrates the achievements of Indian brands that have remained true to their dynamic and competent characters.

PowerBrands Glam 2013, which is further supported by Praveen Kumar Nedungadi, CEO – Incredible India Pvt. Ltd. stated, “PowerBrands Glam is a salutation to the journey of Indian brands. PowerBrands should be congratulated for staging a such memorable platform that celebrates the grandeur and success of Indian brands.”

This grand brand fiesta is a unique stage that will provide unmatched opportunities to organizations not only for showcasing their achievements and contributions but also for networking with the best from India, US and the world. The event will also prove to be a bolster for young entrepreneurs who trying to get a foothold for their brands in the highly competitive western marketplace.


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