Percept/H launches Arise India television campaign

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PerceptH_logoPercept/H the advertising arm of Percept Limited carried out the creative duties for its client Arise which has recently bagged the sponsorship rights of Asia Cup 2014.

Three TVC’s were conceptualized for this campaign. The first TVC opens with two constables chatting at a tea stall. One of them says that if this year Rohit Sharma goes on number three, India will win the matches. The listening constable doesn’t believe him and asks if there is any guarantee.

The second TVC shows two kids discussing cricket. While one of them is sure that if a certain technique is applied while pitching, the match will be theirs. The other child asks for a guarantee. Similarly, in the third TVC two women are seen talking in the beauty parlour. One of them speaks about how if there was a handsome sardar, we would win the match. Her friend doesn’t believe her and asks for a guarantee instead. The TVC then continues with a voiceover declaring that there is a guarantee in Arise products.

Jayant Bedi, Associate Creative Director - Percept/H said “Cricket is the most favourite sport in India. But the funny thing is we all think we know the best about cricket. So we will decide how one should bat and what the umpire should have done. We behave like we are the next selectors. The campaign has been made keeping that humour in mind. But we also wanted to show that even if there is no guarantee of India winning, Arise will give you a guarantee of an assured prize. And ‘hai guarantee’ was already the brand slogan in earlier TVCs. We just decided to extend it with this as we thought this is the most opportune moment to create something for brand recall,”

S.Suresh, Sr. Vice President – Percept/H The Asia Cup was a great opportunity for us to come up with a great campaign, specifically keeping the brand promise ‘Arise hai Guarantee’ in focus and extending the brand essence into entertainment zone and taking it the next level of ‘entertainment ki hai guarantee’.

Since the brand was the Title Sponsor for the tournament. The idea was to enhance the brand’s image as well as to make an immediate impact with the TVCs. Cricket is big in India and it becomes easy to grab eyeballs during live telecast of matches if you have an effective idea to show. The theme of the films was based around cricket along with highlighting the promo, as Arise was guaranteeing prizes and gifts. As an agency, our task was to showcase the brand by getting people to relate to it, and ensure that ‘Arise hai Guarantee’ becomes the next oft-spoken term by the masses.

Manish Bhardwaj, Marketing & Media Head, Arise India, added, “Associating with the Asia Cup is a fantastic opportunity for us to garner great brand awareness across the sub-continent as this is the showcase cricket competition of the area. This association for us is not just a short-term strategy but is a long-term investment wherein we seek greater market penetration across the sub-continent markets. We  are confident that this association will aid in pushing through our consumer electrical appliances into these markets.”


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