Oreo’s new TVC showcases playful relationship shared by two brothers

May 21, 2022 6:52 pm0 commentsViews: 18

Mumbai: Cadbury India, a part of Mondelēz International, today announced the launch of a new TVC campaign for Oreo Choco Crème. A delightful showcase of the playful relationship shared by two brothers, the ad campaign effectively captures the essence of the brand - a complete chocolaty treat.

Developed by Interface Communications, the ad is based on the insight that consumers love Oreo for its delicious chocolaty sandwich experience. It shows two young boys, a teenager and his inquisitive little brother, enjoying Oreo Choco Crème and getting confused as to which is more chocolaty - the cream or the cookie. With real cocoa in both the cream and the cookie, that’s one debate that they find impossible to win, eventually switching sides multiple times.

Speaking on the campaign, Chella Pandyan, Associate Vice President - Marketing, Biscuits,  Mondelēz International said, “It’s a well-established fact that chocolate is India’s favourite cream flavor. The uniqueness of Oreo Choco Crème is that both - the cookie and the cream are chocolaty. The TVC highlights the delightful dilemma the two brothers face of deciding which is more chocolaty!”

Robby Mathew, National Creative Director, Interface Communications, added, “The campaign idea banks on the unique relationship that siblings share. What starts off as a coach-student relationship turns into one of equals, as they together discover Oreo Choco Crème’s double chocolaty delight.”

The main TVC is supported by four short films that keep the debate and dilemma going.


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