OLX Targets Youth with Interest Based Video Campaign on YouTube

September 3, 2021 5:15 pm0 commentsViews: 3

olx LogoNew Delhi: OLX.in, India’s leading online classifieds player has launched an advertising campaign with content exclusively created to broadcast on the popular video sharing platform YouTube.

OLX’s latest YouTube specific ad campaign reinforces their reputation as creative marketers utilizing the strength of the medium to innovate and deliver results. The uniqueness of this campaign is the way it combines effectiveness with creativity.

Unlike most of the other campaigns on You Tube which are merely an extension of TV campaign, this multi-video campaign has been developed specifically keeping You Tube’s audience in mind. The video content delivers brand message in the initial 5 sec and creates a hook for customer to see the rest of the ad. The ads user will see will be specific to the categories of his interest which makes it even more relevant and engaging.

Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India, said, “Our initial TV ads and messaging of ‘Sab KuchBiktaHai’ and ‘OLX pebech de’ have immense brand recall and highlight a clear user preference for the brand despite the clutter in the online classifieds space. Building up from here, we want to take our advertising a step further and supplement our advertising reach with other mass media channels. We are positive about the campaign as YouTube is now among the most popular media being consumed by our target audience.”

You Tube as a video viewing channel has far higher efficiency compared to any TV channel and with capability of topic level targeting what viewers see is very relevant therefore impact is also amplified compared to any other traditional AV mediums. Through the topic based YouTube campaign, targeted viewers would be made aware of various relevant categories of products which could be sold or bought on OLX. This makes this campaign very effective and relevant for the viewer. Just like all previous OLX brand messages this one too has humorous tonality and is informative at the same time. The creative follow a constant pattern with a witty beginning followed by the protagonist Mrs. Bech De guiding viewers about the best practices at OLX. The communication has been developed by ITSA Brand Innovations

NitinBawankule, Director eCommerce, Local & Classified for Google India said, “We are delighted to see, OLX taking the lead to develop original content for advertising on YouTube exclusively. Over the years, OLX has developed a strong brand identity with innovative media mix and they continue to push the envelope for others to follow. The new campaign on YouTube will focus on creating an immersive engagement with their core target audience and will help them to reinforce their brand proposition in the online classifieds space.


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