Discovery to air Mystery of the Lost Islands

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Dave Salmoni, Admiralty Island, Alaska.In the all-new original series, ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’, renowned zoologist and predator expert Dave Salmoni sets out to the wildest islands to crack the last big secrets surrounding the world’s most successful natural-born killers.

How and why have they been so spectacularly successful at surviving — despite the harshest of conditions? Heart-stopping adventure united with the striking imagery of the hidden beauty of the untamed islands of Rangiroa, Falklands, Admiralty, Fernandina and Coiba — ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’ pits Dave against the terrifying unknown and documents him getting up close with vampire bats, hammerhead sharks, killer whales and grizzly bears.

In a unique approach that blends the splendour of a natural history series with an incredible investigative twist, the series puts Dave’s skills and survival to the test, as he attempts to illuminate the intricate inner workings of nature’s fiercest creatures. Only by venturing closer than most would dare to some of the planet’s most dangerous animals—from the great hammerhead shark to the grizzly bear — can Dave uncover their secrets.

How have they come to thrive so spectacularly in these remote places, often in confined island settings? Dave’s skills will be tested to the limits as he lives alongside some of Mother Nature’s fiercest predators, on some of the world’s most remote islands, all to solve the ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’.

Heart-stopping adventure tempered with the brilliant imagery of our planet’s hidden beauty — MYSTERY OF THE LOST ISLANDS pits Dave among the terrifying unknown. Will Dave manage to escape unscathed as he dares to explore what these ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’ have in store?

The six-part series ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’ premieres every Monday to Friday at 8 pm starting 9 June 2021 only on Discovery Channel.

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