Mullen Lowe Group bags 12 Pencils at The One Show Awards

The Mullen Lowe Group global network took home twelve coveted Pencil awards and fifteen Merit awards at The One Show ceremony held last week in New York City. The efforts of GGH Lowe Hamburg, Lowe Shanghai, Mullen Lowe U.S., 303 Lowe Sydney, Lola, Spain, DLKW Lowe London, Lowe Thailand, and Lowe Vietnam were recognized and applauded.

Jose Miguel Sokoloff, President, Mullen Lowe Group Global Creative Council remarked: “The One Show has always been one of the most respected shows in our industry. It is an enormous honor to have work amongst the winners. This is a show that is hard to win because the standards are very high and the competition is exceptionally tough.”

Taking the lead for the network was GGH Lowe Hamburg, which placed in eleventh place globally on The One Show’s Awards Ranking. Success this year was due in thanks to the ‘Nazis against Nazis’ campaign in which a Neo-Nazi demonstration was turned into a charity walk. The initiative supported Exit Deutschland, a charitable organization that helps people leave neo-Nazi groups. The idea, in addition to, executional media responsibilities involved collaboration with agency Grabarz & Partner.

Benedikt Holtappels, CEO of GGH Lowe commented: “I am extremely proud of the ‘Nazis against Nazis’ campaign. It has not only generated huge creative success, but has proved to be extremely effective in doing what great advertising should do: Drive social change”.


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