MSLGROUP India Expands Growth Strategy, Unveils New Flagship Office in Mumbai

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Mumbai: MSLGROUP India, Publicis Groupe’s flagship strategic communications and engagement company, today announced an expanded India growth strategy to meet the needs of clients and negotiate the complex communication dynamics in one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

The communications industry in India faces many challenges. As MSLGROUP documented in its January 2012 report, ‘Understanding the Public Relations Industry in India: Challenges, Opportunities and 2012 Outlook’, there is a need for agencies, clients, media and communications professionals to work together for the industry’s development. Too often, the talent shortage, inadequate funding by clients or lack of professional standards holds back the industry. These issues are common in fast-growth markets, where the communications industry is nascent, but its challenges must be addressed nonetheless.

Already in 2012, MSLGROUP India teams have established a strong track record of growth and delivering results for clients. This included Hanmer MSL being named ‘PR Agency of the Year’ by the PR Council of India, diverse client assignment expansions - including Volkswagen, United Technologies and World Gold Council - and expanded teams and a suite of strategic communications services in social media, employee engagement, financial and investor communications, and corporate affairs. MSLGROUP agencies also cemented their reputation as industry thought leaders, releasing more than eight executive reports on the Indian market, the most recent being the ‘2012 India Bloggers Mindset’ (August 2012) and the ‘Impact of India’s Potential Drought on FMCG Firms’ (September 2012).

To build upon MSLGROUP India’s business, today the firm announced a series of expanded initiatives in line with its updated three-year (2013-2015) growth plan. The highlights:

Enhanced Positioning for the Agency: As the business and communications marketplaces evolve, the traditional definition of ‘public relations’ is insufficient to describe the capabilities of MSLGROUP India teams. Instead, we focus on multiple areas of ‘strategic communications and engagement’, serving as trusted advisors to business leaders, marketers and communicators.

Industry-leading Focus on Talent Development: At the core of the industry and, therefore, every agency’s needs is talent. MSLGROUP India will expand and launch a series of initiatives to ensure we are the best place for learning and growth, including areas like learning and people development, mobility and international experiences, and career development planning.

Strategic Consultancy Approach at Our Core: Given the Indian market’s needs, our clients are demanding an increased level of strategic counsel, insight and experience. We are working to expand our teams, develop new working models and ensure this consultative approach is at the heart of all our activities.

Social Hive, Content and Creative Services Across India: Already, MSLGROUP India has more than 80 staff focused full-time on these areas. We will further invest in ensuring these offerings become even more integrated and are a part of all our client programmes.

Integration with Publicis Groupe: With leading creative, digital, media, healthcare communications and other agencies in India, Publicis Groupe offers large clients a tremendous array of specialised agencies that routinely work together on integrated programmes. MSLGROUP India teams already work closely with Publicis Groupe sister agencies on more than 25 clients.

Infrastructure and Technology Enhancements: From our consultants’ technology and tools to our infrastructure and office, MSLGROUP India is deploying world-class platforms to help its teams and clients work smarter and faster in modern workspaces. Today, we are proud to announce the first of several new office locations in India.

Our new flagship MSLGROUP Mumbai office, located in the new Urmi Estate building in Lower Parel, will seat the existing 225 staff in Mumbai and provide room for expansion. The new office features a modern, international working environment, lounges and flexible spaces for creative discussions, videoconferencing capabilities, floor-to-ceiling natural light on all sides, and other amenities to create a fun and productive environment. Hanmer MSL and 20:20 MSL Mumbai teams will relocate to this space.

With the announcement of today’s expanded MSLGROUP India growth plans and renewed commitment to development, MSLGROUP aims to build upon its track record of offering global, regional and local corporations and organisations industry-leading communications solutions. By combining more than 22 years of local India experience and communications innovation with MSLGROUP’s and Publicis Groupe’s global expertise, our teams are poised to offer a best-in-class mix of communications solutions.

MSLGROUP India is the nation’s largest PR and social media network, made up of three leading national agencies - Hanmer MSL, 20:20 MSL and 2020Social - as well as a specialty content and creative unit, MSLGROUP CREATIVE+.

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