More men buy goods online than women !

Males click the digital “buy” button more frequently than females, according to January 2015 research by Bronto Software, reports

Three in 10 US male digital buyers reported making a purchase online at least once per week, vs. fewer than one-fifth of female respondents. And while four in 10 females bought online occasionally, men were still more likely to actively shop digitally at least once per month or more, at 62% vs. 58%.

Males made the move to No. 1 this year. According to Bronto, the percentage of male and female frequent digital buyers in 2014 was even, each at 25%. Four in 10 males were occasional shoppers last year, as were 41% of females, putting the percentage of female digital buyers actively purchasing online at least monthly slightly above men.

December 2014 research by Ipsos Public Affairs found that men had been slightly more enthusiastic than women about digital holiday shopping. Fully 31% of US male internet users shopped online on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, compared with 28% of females.

Males are also bigger spenders than females when making mobile purchases. According to a November 2014 study by Harris Poll for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and Precision Market Insights from Verizon, 35% of US adult male smartphone owners spent $51 or more each month on purchases made via their phones, vs. 20% of females. Meanwhile, the majority (55%) of women spent nothing each month, vs. 44% of men.


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