Mobile-worx Launches Mobile Advertising

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Mobile-worx on Saturday announced the launch of an in-game advertising tool as a part of its mobile advertising marketplace - ZestADZ.
ZestADZ enables Java mobile game and application developers to be able to easily insert mobile advertisements without the need for modifying the underlying source code.

By using a tool which is a part of ZestADZ, mobile game developers can quickly integrate pieces of code to pull mobile advertisements from ZestADZ dynamically. Advertisers can deliver full screen banner or text ads through the channel.

The advertisements are served in a non intrusive manner and appear typically at the starting or the ending of the application. Users will have a choice to click if they’re interested or move on to use the application. This tool brings in some interactivity into the application and if the user receives a coupon, he can forward to somebody else if he/she doesn’t want it.

The launch of this service will accelerate the adoption of mobile advertising amongst a large variety of developers as this solves the one of the biggest issues in this medium. “We believe this offers immense value to both advertisers and publishers to leverage the huge and growing potential of embedded advertising within mobile applications and games” said Mr. Terry Uppal, President, mobile-worx

“This technology is a breakthrough and a first in the country and the region. We believe that this product will accelerate the adoption of ZestADZ amongst the developer community as an alternative stream of revenues. ”, said Asif Ali, Chief Technology Officer, mobile-worx.

ZestADZ mobile advertising marketplace is already serving permission based WAP banners and embedded SMS advertisements.

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