Mobile continue to lay Dollars for Facebook

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Mobile ad spending on Facebook passed desktop in Q1 2014 to account for the lion’s share of ads on the social network—and growth doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

According to data from Nanigans, advertisers continued to shift their dollars from PCs to mobile devices last quarter. In Q3 2014, mobile accounted for 62.0% of Facebook ads served on the source’s platform worldwide, compared with 38.0% for desktop.

eMarketer’s estimates for Facebook ad revenues by device for this year are in line with Nanigans’ findings. We expect 66.2% of Facebook’s $11.24 billion ad revenues worldwide to come from paid advertising on mobile, while desktop will grab the remaining 33.8%. This gap will expand throughout our forecast period. By 2016, revenues from advertising on Facebook will hit $17.43 billion, with ads served to mobile devices accounting for 75.0% that total.

Desktop ads on Facebook also aren’t bringing the return on investment (ROI) they used to when compared with mobile. In June 2014 research by RBC and Advertising Age, 37% of US marketers said Facebook mobile ad ROI was somewhat or much greater than desktop, up slightly from 35% in September 2013. Meanwhile, just 23% said desktop ROI was greater than mobile on Facebook, down from 27%.

All of this makes sense when one considers how consumer access to Facebook is changing. eMarketer estimates that of the average 21 minutes US adults spend on Facebook daily in 2014, mobile will account for 61.5% of the total, compared with desktop and laptop’s 38.5% share.



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