Micromax launches ‘Canvas Music- Can shake anything’ campaign

May 20, 2022 7:55 pm0 commentsViews: 117

Micromax  has announced the launch of  ‘Canvas Music- Can shake anything’ campaign .

The TVC opens at a subway station, where the protagonist is seen waiting to board the metro. The protagonist looks into his phone and plays the track, “Eena Meena Deeka”. This track continues through the film. The protagonist adjusts his headphones and starts bobbing his head to the tune.

The metro doors open and he is about to board, when to his surprise, the ladies in the compartment break into a step On “Deeeekaaa” before exiting. In the metro, a couple of ladies sitting near him too break into the same step on “Neeeka”. He is confused.

The TVC continues with him walking on the beach front, where he crosses some school girls. Almost half expecting something, he turns back and finds the girls perform the same step on “Naaka”. By now, he is fully aware of the effect the song has to the women around him. He smiles knowingly. He walks on and crosses a woman cop. He knowingly snaps his fingers on “Reeka” and as expected, the cop does the step to the tune. He’s clearly enjoying this. Next, we see him at the beach, where the women behind him too break into the step on “theeta” that’s playing on his song. Next, we see him in the pool on a float. He’s listening to the same song on his phone with his headphones on. At the right moment, on “beat-aaa” four girls come out of the water around him and perform the now-signature step go back under water. While the girls move, he acknowledges the performance with a smile. The guy does the signature step, coming down an escalator, and enjoying the ‘nothing like anything’ experience.

Canvas Music A88 coupled with JBL Tempo headset promises superior sound entertainment on the go. Packed with an 1800 mAh battery, the phone ensures a strong battery life supporting a talk time of 5 hours.


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