Magicbricks New Ad Campaign Pulls Out all the Stops

March 18, 2022 5:16 am0 commentsViews:

The Magicbricks Ad campaign is scaled up to full steam now –burning hundreds spots a day across all major TV channels across India. The Online display campaign has also broken – with very premium impact properties across the best traffic websites in India.

Internet Brand Ads have to be offbeat and quirky in order to work. The watchability of the ad is paramount in ensuring the success of a marketing campaign. And this is exactly what Magicbricks latest two successive episodes of the TVC campaign bring – with humor in large doses.

Following closely behind the “Vulture Vision (Giddh ki Aankh)” Commercial is “Local Bond” – where the weird salesman character now speaks directly to the viewer and asks the very relevant questions of markets and infrastructure present in the locality, and introduces Local Bond – the Locality Sleuth – who is so secretive that even his passport doesn’t carry his photograph. Refuting this nonsensical solution – the magicbricks anchor explains how all relevant locality ratings, reviews, photos and nearby facilities are all listed on India’s No.1 property portal.

The third TV Commercial has the weird salesman introducing the Mighty Hudumba – a Mountain of a Man who supposedly smashes through the price barrier and brings rates down by sheer brute force to fit the property seeker’s budget.

Now working in tandem and communicating the proposition of “Property Sahi, Milegi Yahin”…  These commercials build on the premise that Magicbricks helps you take the Right Decision- at every stage of the buying cycle. While the first commercial stressed on the need for choice, the second and third ads drive home the point that Magicbricks provides much more than just Listings – relevant locality information, going rates and price trends give the buyer the Power of Knowledge- that helps him negotiate the best possible deal before agreeing to this extremely expensive commitment.

Bolstering the TVC campaign are a host of online print and OOH amplifications that build on the characters in the TV commercials creating a lasting impact and emotional connect between the users and the brand . You can watch the three films here - Giddh ki Aankh, Local Bond and Mighty Hudumba  and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.


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