L&K Saatchi & Saatchi launches ‘Jockey or Nothing’ campaign

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jockey or nothing campaignJockey has to stay in the ‘realm of the cool’ without ever compromising on its identity,international image, brand respect and values, said a Jockey brand manager.

“Jockey has a very strong loyalty from existing consumers, and ‘we would like to renew the vows with them’, to once again remind them why we are the brand of choice. At the same time, we want to engage and acquire newer, younger consumers of the next generation and stay relevant to the consumers of today,” he said.

Who Jockey as brand talking to?

18 to 25 year olds who are impatient and are unwilling to compromise. They are unapologetic about pursuing their passions and don’t stop before they get there. Unlike the previous generation, there is less pressure to prove themselves to the world. Their
goals are often personal and so is their need to succeed.

Desired response from the TG: Jockey is a brand which I can relate to, and is relevant to my everyday life. The brand has a purpose for me, addresses a core need of mine, and is there with me through thick and thin. Women should see ‘Jockey’ as a Premium
International brand that celebrates Femininity, Style, Fashion, and Confidence through diverse ranges of Innerwear, Leisurewear and Active wear, designed for the woman of today. Men should see Jockey as Cool, Fashionable, Contemporary, International,
Premium, American brand.

Product Truth

Jockey is probably the largest innovator in the innerwear category. Unlike other apparel brands, they are often the first to create newer technology as well as styling options and offer them at a much lower cost than the competition. They are also expanding
their outerwear range, which the consumer is largely unaware of.

The Insight

The young don’t believe in half-measures. They will either go for broke or give it all up. o Description of the TVC


A young man sees a bunch of youngsters in a dance studio and is inspired to dance. Over the next few days he gets more and more consumed by his passion, as he works his way through his own inhibitions and setbacks. Finally, at a club, he is faced with a moment where he can either step up or sit down. Comments from Cariappa, Senior General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Page


The core philosophy of brand Jockey is ‘the best or nothing’. We live by this philosophy in whatever we do, right from product design to quality control. The youth of today resonates with this same philosophy and will not settle for anything which is second to the very best. We believe our 3 brand films will connect with our audience and inspire them to live by these emotions and aspirations.

Comments from Rahul Nangia, Chief Creative Officer, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi: It was amazing that so many people, who are so passionate about what they do, came together for this project, from across the world. From the client, to the director, to the
production, to the crew, to the performers, to the composers, to the post-production guys; it has been the most strange and interesting motley of people. It is incredible that a theme like this found people who actually believed in giving it their all. I hope that honesty of purpose comes through in the films.

The Team
(Account management, planning and creative)
Creative team: Rahul Nangia, Pritam Shettigar, Ruchika Parab, Shahid Shehzad, Virendra Saigaonkar
Account Management: Debarjyo Nandi, Sneha Shah
Account Planning: Bhaskar Bhateja
Production House: Far Commercials, India and Playground (Portugal)
Production Support: Bruce Williamson (Passion Raw, London) and Joana Lisboa
(Playground, Portugal)
Director: Cristiana Miranda
Producer: Jeet Surendranath & Rohini Pinto
Executive Producer: Sonika Mody
Production Controller: Bhushan Rao
Post production: Ingreme (Portugal), After Studio (Mumbai)
Offline Editor: Marcos Castiel, Utsav Bhagat
Online Editor: Sachin Kadbane
Music Director: Fred Pinto Ferreira
Sound Design: Annu Poojari
Post Production Supervisor: Nadeem Mirza & Claire Howse

Campaign Name: Jockey or Nothing
Duration of the TVCs: 30 seconds
Date of release: 25TH JULY, 2014


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