Linc Pen launches ‘linc pen lo, kismat badlo’ campaign to target South India

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linc_pen_campaignKolkata: Linc Pen today launched its new ad campaign with the tag line “linc pen lo, kismat badlo”

The philosophy behind this new campaign is to break the clutter of the vast unorganized pen market and create a brand preference for Linc. Unlike in the earlier ads where Linc had a more product focus, this campaign focuses on Linc as the brand to watch out for while choosing a pen.

Tanmay Chattopadhyay, GM, Marketing Linc says, “The writing instrument market is low-involvement and highly fragmented. About 80 per cent of the industry’s revenues in India come from pens priced up to Rs 20. Through these ads we want students/employees and others to re-consider which brand of pen they are buying.” Linc, with roughly 10 percent share of the Rs 2,500-crore market, is the third largest player in the country.

Commenting on the concept,  Sumanto Chattopadhyay , Executive Creative Director, O & M, said, “The Linc Pens ads are cautionary tales that warn us, with a dash of wicked humour, to place as much importance on what we write with as we do on what we write.”

The idea here revolves around the central theme of ‘Koi bhi pen nahin, Linc pen. Linc pen lo, kismat badlo’(Don’t choose any pen, ask for a Linc pen. Buy Linc pen & turn your destiny around) The TV campaign will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign. Apart from outdoors and increased visibility at trade outlets they will also have On ground promotion, retail activation, sell in schemes apart from social activation through digital platforms. The company aims to shore up its retail presence in South and West Indian markets through this marketing campaign
The 45-day campaign will be aired across 12 channels in kids, sports and regional genre. There would be around 2000 spots aired and to reach the target customers (12-30 years).

Linc has pens range from Rs 5 - Rs 30 in the mass market segment and the uni-ball range, between Rs 30 and Rs 250, for the mid-market. It has a tie-up with German brand Lamy for a range priced above Rs 500.  For the premium segment, Linc has offerings under the brand Cruiser which starts at Rs. 1500.

Concept Note and Credit Details

The client/ creative brief: Linc pens wanted to create a communication campaign targeting the 10-15years old in the society. The brand wanted to connect with the young adults through the low involvement range of pens (which are mostly below Rs. 15).

The Objective: To break through the category problem of Brand v/s commodity. The consumer has low involvement in purchasing the lower range of pens, where ‘Koi bhi pen chalega’ is the ideal consumer perception. The campaign aimed at building preference towards ‘Linc pens’ when it comes to purchasing pens.

The insight: Jab aapko ‘kuch bhi chalega’ to aapko ‘kuch bhi hi milega’ (When you are fine with anything, you can get anything)

The creative idea behind the campaign:

Execution: This idea has been executed by showing slice of life situations amongst various age groups- a school going boy in an examination hall, a guy going for his first interview & a man about to get married. The campaign shows how unexpected events can happen when you buy the wrong pen.

The idea here revolves around the central theme of ‘Koi bhi pen nahin, Linc pen. Linc pen lo, kismat badlo’(Don’t choose any pen, ask for a Linc pen. Buy Linc pen & turn your destiny around)
Campaign details: The campaign was to be portrayed through TVC of 20secs each & point of sale materials. The campaign will be primarily targeted towards the audience in South and West India as these happen to be focus market for Linc in the near future.

Timeline for execution: The campaign is to start from 11th January, 2013.

Number of ads planned and across what platforms: Mainly electronic and digital platform would be used for the campaign. The campaign would run for 6 weeks and there would be around 2000 spots aired.

Final Output: TVC/Viral Films
Credit Details:

•    Creative Agency: Ogilvy, Kolkata
•    Brand: Linc Pen
•    Client: Tanmay Chattopadhyay
•    National Creative Director: Abhijeet Avasthi/Rajiv Rao
•    Executive Creative Director: Sumanto Chattopadhyay
•    President : Navin Talreja
•    Creative Director: Sujoy Roy
•    Associate Creative Director: Anirban Guha
•    Copy: Sujoy Roy/Madhura Chakraborty
•    Art: Shalini Roy/Sagnik Gangopadhyay
•    Client Services Director: Mudassar Hossain
•    Account Management: Pracheta Mazumdar
•    Production House: Reel Company
•    Director: Pratap Manohar
•    Producer: Ramel George
•    Post-production Studio: After and Pixion, Mumbai


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