Kurkure launches first in the series of campaigns of its new mega brand creative strategy

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New Delhi: Kurkure, known to be at the forefront of product and marketing innovation scales up its brand philosophy of ‘Tedha Hai Par Mera Hai’ with its biggest campaign launch till date.

The all new Kurkure family starring Parineeti Chopra, Kunal Kapoor, Farida Jalal, Boman Irani, Ramyakrishnan, and Shivansh brings forward unconventional yet relatable modern Indian family to take forward Kurkure’s journey in the Indian snack market.

At a launch event held in Delhi to introduce the campaign and the new Kurkure family, Vidur Vyas, Marketing Director - Foods, PepsiCo India said, “Kurkure as a brand has always been at the forefront of Innovation - be it in our product or communication. We have used progressive family insights that relate to every Indian to build our brand. Our latest initiative stems from our overall objective of creating a Kurkure mega brand with portfolio expansion and innovation. In addition to helping us target new platforms & consumer groups, this family will also act as a creative unifier as we strengthen our position as the largest salty snack brand in the country”.

Nalin Sood, Executive Vice President - Foods, PepsiCo India said on this occasion, “This campaign signals Kurkure’s evolution as the country’s most loved brand which has offerings and products for all members of the family. With this campaign, we have built on our brand heritage and taken it further in a modern & contemporary manner. For the first time ever, Kurkure has introduced a campaign with five power packed stars that will represent their love for the current brand portfolio and its future innovations. Based on the consumer needs, product proposition and personalities of the characters, we will use some or all of the stars to endorse products from the large range of offerings from Kurkure”.

Kurkure currently has a wide repertoire of offerings to the consumer in different snack formats - it has five flavor offerings in Core Collet range and two flavors under Kurkure Solid Masti Twisteez range. In addition, the brand has recently added two variants in Kurkure Monster Paws and Kurkure PuffCorn with two flavors each under the puffed snack range.

Speaking about the creative thought behind the ad film, Bobby Pawar, Chief Creative Officer, JWT India said, “Kurkure truly stands for its brand philosophy that we accept our families for who they are despite their imperfections - Tedha Hai Par Mera Hai. The personalities of each character depict the new age family which is modern yet traditional in its values. Each character that we have created has some imperfections and quirkiness yet they are endearing to everybody. They all come together to form a quirky modern family that we all will relate to and love”.

The personalities of the characters are inspired by real life Indian families that each of us can relate to. Farida Jalal is a Social Butterfly Dadi - she is young at heart and does everything unexpected from a typical grandmother. Boman, the elder son of the family is a Chupa Rustam. While he is afraid of his loving yet dominating wife like most of us, he manages to humor everybody and do things he likes right under everybody’s nose. Ramya on the other hand plays the Perfect Bhabhi, a perfection obsessed elder Bahu who bosses over her husband. A south Indian by upbringing and dotes on the twisted quirks of her new Punjabi family. Their son, a Bhukkad, is one of the biggest fans of Kurkure and never leaves an opportunity to gobble mouthfuls whenever he sees a pack open around him.

Kunal is the younger son of the family, a Bollywood Banker - an actor at heart but caught in a wrong job of a being banker. He is ever ready to break into a Bollywood act, whether it’s a dialogue or a dance sequence. And Parineeti Chopra, his wife, is the Bahu Remix - an anchor of the family, she is the modern bahu but still respects traditions. She personifies today’s bahus who are the harbinger of change in Indian families.

The campaign kick-starts with a series of exciting ad films starting Dec 15 and will be supported by a surround 360-degree marketing plan including radio activation, digital media engagement and a mix of above-the-line communication.

TVC details:

• Creative Agency: JWT
• Executive Creative Director: Sonia Bhatnagar
• Creative Director: Ajitesh Verma
• Executive Business Director: Joy Chauhan
• VP & Client Services Director: Rohit Sharma
• TVC Director: Milind Dhaimade
• Producer: Varun Shah, Love & Faith
• TVC duration: 40 Sec
• Language: Hindi
• Media Planning: Mindshare

The New Kurkure Family:

• Farida - ‘Social Butterfly’ Dadi
• Boman - ‘Chupa Rustam’ elder son
• Ramya - ‘Perfect Bhabhi’ elder bahu
• Kunal - ‘Bollywood Banker’ younger son
• Parineeti - ‘Bahu Remix’ younger bahu
• Shivansh - ‘Bhukkad’ (Boman and Ramya’s son)

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