Kingfisher East Bengal Football Club magnetizes 1M FB fans

December 17, 2021 5:32 pm0 commentsViews: 5

kinfisher_east_bengalNew Delhi : The Kingfisher East Bengal Football Club recently crossed 1 million fans on their Facebook page, making it the most popular page on Indian Football and the third most popular amongst Asian Football pages on Facebook.

This milestone tasted no less than the flavour of triumph after winning a match for the team. For Kingfisher Premium it was another feather in the cap and yet another occasion to spread the cheer, as they celebrated the occasion with their fans.

Kingfisher East Bengal Football Team on Facebook is a wholly dedicated page to socially active and passionate football lovers with regular and timely updates about matches, the sport, announcement of events etc. Not only does the page absorb support but also provides insights and opinions about the internationally favorite sport and thrives consumer connect.

On being one of the first Indian football teams to achieve one million strong followers, the team has conspicuously set a benchmark in the country. With growing love for the sport, multiplying fan following in the country and emerging social networks, the brand is eager, delighted and thrusting towards providing better consumer experience on their digital platforms to their patrons.

In a gesture to gratify the unwavering and ever increasing support witnessed by the Kingfisher East Bengal Football Team, the brand threw a glorifying bash in Kolkata and Bangalore at swanky venues. A sea of football fanatics were spotted enthralled with football games, grooving to catchy music, relishing delicious food and of course the hero of the evening; chilled beer.


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