Jabong.com targets shopaholic youth in new campaign

February 25, 2022 3:55 pm0 commentsViews: 15

New Delhi: Consumer research indicates that consumers generally shop on a whim and do not plan out their purchases. While in the act, they happily submit to the enchanting world of shopping, not letting after-effects play spoil sport. This insightful take on human behaviour will resonate with consumers and help in transforming Jabong.com from a cold and functional area of fashion into a human area.

The campaign created by Draftfcb Ulka, shows situations where the protagonists prioritize their shopping needs over other important situations.This brilliantly elucidates the allegory of Jabong.com being a ‘temptation island’ of latest trends and styles, where the consumer will be selfish for his shopping needs and prioritize them over all else.

Online shopping portal Jabong.com has conceptualised a new campaign titled ‘Fashion Nikla, Mann Fisla’  (Heart ponders over fashion) on the basis of a behavioural insight that today’s shopaholic youth  gives top priority to shopping needs .

“The main objective of the new campaign is to differentiate Jabong.com in the crowded online shopping business while at the same time establishing its supremacy in the space of trends, styles and all things fashion. When it comes to the youth, there is a certain selfishness associated with shopping and we wanted to bring out this prioritization of shopping over all else in our campaign in a tongue-in-cheek manner which will resonate with our target audience,” Group Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka, Sanjay Sharma,  said.

Explaining how the campaign will differentiate Jabong.com from its competitors, Sridhar Iyer, Senior Vice President, Draftfcb Ulka, said, “Jabong.com is targeted at the fashion conscious consumer and the new campaign will highlight why Jabong.com is the ultimate fashion destination while still excelling in providing hygiene services like Cash on delivery, 30 Day return & Free Shipping. I believe that this campaign will help develop a definitive identity to the brand. Jabong.com has taken a different path than its competition by focusing on the shopper and his shopaholic attitude towards shopping; while the competition communication remains around making the online shopping process easier.”

Ranging from popular television channels, to print, outdoor and online, the 360 degree campaign endeavors to maximize this objective at various touchpoints.

Client: Jabong.com

Agency: Draftfcb Ulka
National Creative Director: KS Chakravarthy (Chax)
Group Creative Director:Sanjay Sharma
Creative Team: Abhijeet Ray, Thupten Londhen, Indrani Vohra, Somil Bhatia
Client Servicing: Sanjay Tandon, Sridhar Iyer, Akshatha Bhat, Varun Tanwar, Vidushi Goyal
Planning: Sidharth Grover
Films: Alpa Jobalia, Mazhar Khan
Production house:Storytellers
Director: Arun Gopalan


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