India’s first conference on Digital media for Pharma Marketers

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Mumbai: ‘DigiSights 2013’, a first of its kind conference on Digital media for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Marketers in India was organized in Mumbai .

MediaMedic Communications Pvt. Ltd., the India partners of Global Health PR Network, organized DigiSights 2013; which brought together a diverse group of professionals for a whole day of lively intellectual exchange. Healthcare providers, IT innovators, health & pharma leadership, and entrepreneurs gathered to hear insights, ideas, case studies and analysis from digital leaders from India & abroad.

DigiSights 2013 witnessed international and national speakers such as Mr. Andrew Spong, MD of STweM Ltd. based in Europe; Kai Gait, Global Digital Director at GSK (thru video), Mr. Narayan Gad, Director at NMIMS; Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm, Mrs. Priti Mohile, Co-founder and MD, MediaMedic Communications; Mr. Dinesh Chindarkar, Co-founder of MediaMedic Communications; and many more Pharmaceutical experts.

The event was organized for pharma experts with an aim to discuss the impact of the explosion of digital and social media on the marketing practices of the industry and the way forward in this scenario. The eminent audience was engaged with thought-provoking lectures, interactive panels, emerging digital tools, networking and discussion.

Narayan Gad addressed the audience with his expertise and understanding of ‘Changing Pharma ecosystem in the Digital age’. He said, “The digital Apps is the way forward in digital communication. The Apps are expected to grow 100 times in the next decade. He also enforced the need for engagement model than sales model, in case of digital marketing.”

An absorbing panel discussion was held on ‘Changing needs of HCPs in the Digital age’; Dr. Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD, Medical Futurist, (Through Video Link) and Andrew Spong, MD, STweM Ltd. gave an international perspective and helped the audience understand the dynamics of digital engagement strategies in healthcare world.

Andrew Spong, shared his thoughts on the ‘Future of Digital Pharma marketing’ in his enlightening talk, Mr. Spong spoke about “the consumers’ hunger for health information and digital channels untapped capability to reach and interact with Doctors and Patients. He said, “The world is shifting from dictated medicine to participative medicine, in other words, informed content to informed choice.”

Dinesh Chindarkar, spoke on the ‘Changing pace of Digital World and its impact in Indian Pharmaceutical Market.  He stated that “The shift in the healthcare sector is happening from Doctor driven system to patient driven system. As we move on to patient driven system, we need to connect to consumers, which pharma industry has rarely done. It is not only about illness but about emotional connects.”

Priti Mohile, spoke on ‘Social Media: From Insighting to Category Building’. She focused on the role of integrated solution covering Branding, Category building, Digital & Public Relations for healthcare communication; she said “Global Health PR partners have authored the Global guide of Pharma marketing codes, which is an international document covering the Codes of pharma marketing across various countries, with the Indian section being authored by me”.

Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm, shared his perspective on ‘How brands should reinvent themselves: The new rules for Marketing in the Post-Digital age’. He stated that, “the battle for marketers has moved from shelf space to consumer minds. Creating an impact in the consumer minds will make a difference in today’s era.”


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