Indian online video audience touches 54 million viewer mark

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Mumbai: comScore, Inc has released the latest comScore Video Metrix report showing that total online video consumption has doubled in the past two years to 3.7 billion videos per month.

This dramatic growth has been driven by a sizeable increase in the number of online video viewers, in addition to increasing consumption per viewer. The total online video audience in India has grown 74 percent to 54 million viewers, with the average viewer watching 18 percent more videos and spending 28 percent more time viewing.

“The rapid online video growth we’re witnessing in India represents a significant opportunity for both marketers and media companies in India,” said Kedar Gavane, Senior Director, comScore India. “Even in the very mature market of the U.S., online video has become one of the hottest sectors of because of the value marketers place on video ad inventory. As the Indian online video market begins to realize the value of its existing inventory while continuing its growth in viewers and consumption time, there will be substantial upside for the key players in this market.”

Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video property in March with 31.5 million unique viewers, followed by Facebook with 18.6 million, and Yahoo! Sites with 8.2 million. Video ad platforms VDOPIA (6.4 million viewers) and TubeMogul (5.5 million viewers) rounded out the top five, highlighting that these platforms can deliver reach similar to that of the top video content networks.

Google Sites also led the pack in total video views delivered at nearly 2.1 billion, representing more than half the total online video market in India. Facebook ranked a distant second with 150 million views, followed by at 83 million. While Google Sites also ranked at the top in terms of average viewing time, Dailymotion was a strong #2 at nearly one hour per viewer during the month.

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