India Inc. has robust social presence, using social ads for brand building

May 30, 2022 6:51 pm0 commentsViews: 3

maruti_suzukiswift_fb_pageFacebook and Twitter remain the properties where Indian companies are likely to expend much of their social effort. More than two-thirds reported posting on Facebook more than twice per day, and 62% said they did the same on Twitter. But for these socially engaged companies, social goes beyond the two primary networks.

A significant percentage of companies reported already using Pinterest, Google+ and foursquare in 2013, and by next year, nearly three-quarters each expected to be on Pinterest and Google+.

Even as these businesses have made social a priority, they have been less effective at tracking their successes on the platforms. When asked how social media engagement had affected a change in revenue at their company, the overwhelming majority—78%—said they either didn’t know or hadn’t measured.

As these businesses think about how to best leverage their social investment, putting dollars and talent behind measuring outcomes may be a beneficial place to look.

For social-savvy businesses in India, paid ads on the networks are becoming standard practice. Ernst & Young surveyed 48 companies in the country that have robust social presences and found that 83% of respondents used social media advertising this year. The greatest portion of this group (42%) used these ads to promote an online campaign or contest. The next most common use of social ads was general brand building.

Social is also taking a notable slice of the overall marketing budget at these companies. The greatest percentage (42%) reported devoting between 1% and 5% to social, but another 37% said their social spend was between 6% and 10%. And nearly 22% of companies reported spending more than 10% of the marketing budget on social.



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