ICICI Lombard campaign ‘Belt Up India’ engages facebook users

August 26, 2021 5:52 pm0 commentsViews: 8

Mumbai: ICICI Lombard General Insurance is adopting innovative means to drive its social awareness campaigns. Adopting unique experiments that bring offline experiences to the online social media platform, the company has uploaded videos on YouTube as part of its ‘Drive Home Safe’ campaign.

The video titled ‘Cop Experiment’ focuses on analysing the behaviour of motorist in terms of following traffic rules. It juxtaposes the motorist’s behaviour in absence of a traffic cop Vs that in the presence of a traffic cop. The video, shot in traffic heavy junctions in Mumbai, shows how motorists in general display lack of road sense and how the mere presence of a cop instils a sense of fear, thus following basic traffic rules.

A series of videos is planned on similar lines to ensure that the message is taken forward and creates additional impact.

In yet another one of its kind initiative, the company has introduced an innovative ‘Belt Up India’ mobile app on its facebook page.  where social media users can come together and pledge to wear a seatbelt to make Indian roads safer. With every click a #beltupindia pledge is taken which results in expanding the virtual safety belt across India. The company had set a target of 10,000 clicks and has crossed this milestone.

As part of its ‘Drive Home Safe’ initiative, ICICI Lombard has also shot several home videos wherein kids request their parents to follow all the traffic rules and regulations and come home safely. The videos beautifully capture the emotion of each child who eagerly await their parents’ arrival each day. The key message behind each video is that the parents are responsible not only for their safety but also for the safety of their children. .

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Shankar Nath, Head – Marketing & Direct said “Being a leading player in the Motor insurance segment, it is imperative for us at ICICI Lombard to participate in the efforts towards promoting Road safety. Adopting innovative measures on social media will help us connect better with our target audience and help promote the cause of Safe driving among India’s young population’.

‘Drive Home Safe’ campaign has already witnessed almost 100,000 views across the videos uploaded by the company on YouTube.


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