IBN7 news channel’s indifferent attitude towards its reporter

September 7, 2021 6:41 pm0 commentsViews: 20

New Delhi: Hindi News channel  IBN7 ,which did an image makeover recently, on Saturday insulted its correspondent Rajesh Verma by calling him as ‘ IBN7 Stringer’ . Verma was killed while covering the Mujaffarnagar incident for the news channel on Saturday .

The channel was so insensitive that not only its anchor ( female) but the graphics which were continuously on screen,  also conveyed to its viewers that it is not the journalist but a ‘stringer’ who was killed.

Interestingly enough country’s leading media houses like The Hindustan Times and India Today addressed Rajesh Verma as IBN7 journalist.

Stringers , Indian television in particular, are not only the most exploited journalists but also most neglected and ignored .

The news channel when want their stories forget that they are stringers. But when the demand for identity cards or the channel logos ( mike ID) comes, they are told that it is only meant for ‘staff correspondents’ . They ( stringers) work without any identity and even money for months together .

In fact the stringers are running Indian news channels in real sense . They break stories and produce excellent content . The so called staff correspondents with identity cards or mike IDs just to the peace to the cameras ( PTC) .

IBN7 and its parent company TV18 Broadcast had laid 300 employees recently. There were rumours that its editor Ashutosh was also asked to go .


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