‘I love you Rasna!’ campaign bags FICCI BAF 2014

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Eeksaurus-bags-the-prestigi‘I love you Rasna!’, were possibly the first words chanted by the team of Studio Eeksaurus Productions Pvt. Ltd. when they won the Best Animated Ad Film (International) for their campaign on Rasna at the recently concluded FICCI, Best Animated Film Awards 2014.

The award ceremony which is held annually, receives top-notch entries from across the globe, honours professionals in the field of animation, VFX and Gaming.

The Rasna Campaign intended to reach out to parents and kids simultaneously while spinning elements of reality and fantasy into one beautiful journey. A drink meant to signify enjoyment and health; Eeksaurus paid special attention to understanding the psyche of the child and what would attract them the most towards the brand.

Priti Nair, Founder and Creative head of ad agency Curry Nation, had scripted the 3 lands from where the little girl gathers the fruits to be staged as pages from a pop-up fairy tale book.

The journey of exploration and in meeting a cute animated character of the squirrel “Gillu”, which was Director E. Suresh’s suggestion. To have a constant companion in the little girl’s adventures as she goes to many different lands to gather the choicest fruit that makes Rasna, makes the film very relatable to the kids.

Commenting on this, Suresh Eriyat, Founder, Director, Eeksaurus, says, “Through the Rasna Campaign, we have been able to reach out to two generations who think completely different from one another.  That is the parents and children. Parents who have grown up having Rasna and children who are introduced to Rasna are the 2 generations that form our target group. We are elated that FICCI has recognised our efforts behind the design and thought process of the campaign.”

Going forward, Eeksaurus is working on challenging ad campaigns that combine the art of storytelling with their master craft through unique design process.


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