How Collaborative Is Your Branding?

October 31, 2021 11:33 pm0 commentsViews:
Any brand has numerous stakeholders in its marketing messaging and positioning. But whether those stakeholders cooperate to develop brand messaging and campaigns is another question.

Research from message management firm Corporate Visions indicates that collaboration is happening—at least some of the time. One-third of business-to-business sales and marketing professionals surveyed worldwide in Q3 said they had a collaborative process, while another third described it as “semicollaborative” and the rest admitted their message creation was politically charged or otherwise lacked cooperation between parties at the company.

Unsurprisingly, managers in the marketing department were the most likely people to be involved in brand message creation, but many respondents indicated that messaging was developed in concert with other departments as well, including sales.

Lack of cooperation can lead to confusion around brand messaging, creating problems further down the line toward execution. For B2Bs engaged in content marketing, a lack of alignment between the marketing and sales departments can hurt effectiveness; 31% of B2B sales pros indicated this was a problem in an earlier Q2 survey from Corporate Visions.

According to BtoB Magazine, brand awareness is the second leading objective of US B2B content marketing efforts—meaning clarity around brand messaging is a key first step for later content marketing efforts.


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