History TV18 launches new reality series titled Bamazon

June 25, 2021 4:23 am0 commentsViews: 4

Bamazon_history_channel_logoMumbai: History TV18’s new reality series, Bamazon , follows eight out-of-work Alabama construction workers in the fight of their lives.

The series trails a group of enterprising men led by a bankrupt real estate mogul Tim Evans into the dark heart of South America, risking everything they’ve got on a long-shot chance to find gold in the Amazon jungle. Many gold-seekers have visited this merciless part of the world for centuries searching for the legendary treasure of El Dorado. Few have survived, let alone find gold.  Bamazon premieres on History TV18  on Tuesday, 25th June, at 9 pm.

Using the remains of his fortune, Tim decides to ship tons of heavy equipment down to Guyana, South America. The only problem: it’s one of the most inaccessible and inhospitable places on the planet, filled with aggressive jaguars, venomous snakes, malarial mosquitoes and countless miles of impenetrable mud.

Will the group survive the treacherous conditions of the Amazon rainforest? Will they strike gold? Over the next six weeks, Bamazon captures the adventures of these men as they struggle to find a way to work together on a mission many say is impossible.

BAMAZON will be aired  every Monday - Friday at 9:00pm only on History TV18 .


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