History TV18 launches a new show Extreme Collectors

May 3, 2022 6:17 pm0 commentsViews:

Extreme-CollectorsHistory TV18 takes viewers on a part road trip, part treasure hunt with its new series ‘Extreme Collectors.’ Premiering on Monday, 5th May at 10:30 pm, this new series follows host Andrew Zegers, a professional appraiser with a sharp eye and 30 years of experience, as he travels in search of truly incredible and unique collections.

Another great show in the new Prime Time band, the show features Andrew touring through meticulously cared-for collections in homes all across North America.

Tapping into the fascinating world of collectors, Extreme Collectors is an entertaining wild ride as each episode showcases four amazing collectors and their stunning collections.

Andrew’s knowledge and skills come into play as he appraises each collection and their true value, satisfying the curiosity of audiences and answer the secretly thought in every viewer’s mind - “what’s this all really worth?” The show features everything from pop culture (Coca Cola, Barbie and GI Joe) to the unusual (medical antiques, showgirl costumes and the largest collection of yo-yo’s in the world).


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