Hema Malini launches Zaitoon Tara vegetable oil brand

March 18, 2022 6:22 pm0 commentsViews: 64

hema_malini_jaitoon_taara_oNew Delhi: Tara Health Foods Ltd, a well known name in oil & animal feed market, launched its unique blended edible oil Zaitoon Tara for the first time in India today with veteran Bollywood actress Hema Malini, unveiling the product here.

Hema Malini, the official brand ambassador of Zaitoon Tara oil, launched the product at a press conference held at Hotel Park today.

Zaitoon Tara, a unique blend of oil, is a mixture of refined olive oil 30 % and refined Rice bran oil 70 %. It is a healthier and tastier alternative to regular cooking oil and is specially prepared to suit the health conscious consumers who believe in preparing their meals using only the best ingredients. It has been observed that gradually Indians are becoming health conscious. The blended edible oil, retain the good properties of both olive and rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is good for heart, whereas Olive oil increases the immunity.

This unique blend has high smoke point i.e. 245 to 250 degrees Celsius which helps to reduce gastric problems. The Indianized taste, topped with amazing health benefits, make it an obvious choice for kitchen. Your fat intake should consist of balanced fat, which provides nutrients that are essential to sustain life. A balanced fat intake should contain approximately 30% saturated fat, 33% poly-unsaturated fat (containing Essential Fatty Acids) and 37% mono-unsaturated fat.

The spokesperson of Tara Health Food Ltd. said – “This oil offers numerous properties that makes it more interesting in the niche marketing arena and we are delighted to become the first to introduce a unique blend (Olive oil & Rice bran oil) in India, we are targeting for a pan India expansion for a healthier tomorrow”.

The MD, Mr.Balwant Singh further added, “We always work for the benefit of the people. We firmly believe that a healthy society leads to the development of the country. We are pioneers in the cattle feed industry, and amongst few of the early marketers who bought olive oil to India. We are proud to introduce the new product, keeping the health quotient on Indian people’s in mind.”

The group is now aiming to enter the whole of India by the mid of this year. Further to its oil business, it is also expanding into seed and soap business. Plants are being established at various locations, across India.

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