Haryana daily bans effigy burning stories !

March 4, 2022 3:44 pm0 commentsViews: 7

effigy_rahul_hudaChandigarh: Journalists should think twice before joining the media brands owned by the politicians. The industry is replete with the examples when the journalists were humiliated by the owners for carrying stories against their political outfits.

We had recently carried a story about two journalists ( Haryana and Chandigarh) who lost their jobs for carrying stories against AICC President , Sonia Gandhi .

The latest example is from a vernacular daily owned by a Congress politician. The owners have reportedly asked its senior journalists not to carry stories against Congress and its leaders. Effigy burning stories will also be dropped.

Sources close to the media brand said the ‘measure’ has been adopted to please the ‘Sarkar’ so that the blessings continue to pour in the form of government advertisements. Narayan……Narayan !

Photo Courtesy: The Hindustan Times


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