GO Try to expand presence in ten more cities by March 2014

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go_try_logoMulti-brand sampling platform ,GoTry on Wednesday announced expansion plans.

“Go Try Kiosks would be present across the top Metro’s by 31st March 2013. We already present in  Delhi and Mumbai and will be present at Bangalore and Hyderabad in two months. We plan to expand our presence to the top 10 cities in India by March 2014 to be able to offer our clients a Pan India reach for their sampling needs,” Dhruv’s Kalra, Director, Go Try said.

“Go Try works as a one stop solution for brands looking at sampling their products efficiently by providing the desired visibility and large scale sampling of their product at high footfall malls at a very reasonable cost. We are a completely technology driven model hence can increase the efficiency of the sampling by reducing margin of errors and focusing on precision sampling”,Kalra added.

Go Try started out with a pilot kiosk at Pacific Mall, Delhi NCR and then expanded to Mumbai at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon. We have already dispensed 1.2 Lac samples so far for over 35 leading brands like Ponds, Vaseline, Quaker Oats, Dabur Real, Nivea, Comfort, Knorr, Hippoo, Surf Excel, Tang, Loreal, Garnier Light, Pepsodent, Veet and Vanish. We already have a registered consumer base of 45,000 people and more than 250 new users register with us on a daily basis at each kiosk.

Kalra further added – “Our vision is to change the way sampling is conducted in India, from the current senario where sampling is conducted largely in an unorganized manner we would want to offer brands a precision sampling option which is complety transparent and meets all their sampling objectives at a reasonable price point. We aspire to become the leader in the sampling business focusing on Personal Care, Home Care and Food & Bevrange sectors”

Go Try seeks to eliminate many of the follies of indiscriminate sampling. Thanks to an intelligent technology based profiling process at its core – all free samples handed out at Go Try kiosks are strictly based on the lifestyle preferences and choices of the intended demographics. While Go Try may be sampling juices, energy drinks, chocolates, deodorants, instant soups and noodles, soaps, shampoos – these are only handed out once you fill in some basic details like name, age, gender and occupation on a tablet device at each Go Try kiosk. Based on these, the system generates free samples that are suitable for you.  Come back the second time and answer some simple questions on your experience of using these products and get more free goodies!  For obvious reasons, the response at that these Go Try kiosks have been extraordinary.

The precision sampling and feedback mechanism makes Go Try the best sampling platform for all major brands that have to rely on arbitrary sampling and no proper feedback mechanism. Go Try lets brands keep track of samples dispensed, feedback received and best of all – ensure that samples are only done in the relevant target group. What’s more, once a category is blocked by a brand, no conflicting brand is handed out at the kiosk during the same time. For brand managers this means greater visibility for your product in the eyes of thousands of people who visit a mall on any single day, cost per sample coming down drastically, your product reaching out to the right people and valuable feedback on your product! With Pond’s, Knorr, Dabur Gulabari, Iodex, Quaker, Veet, Nivea and many other brands already on board, Go Try covers almost the entire spectrum of products.

45,000 people have already registered themselves as Go Try users and have tried more than 1.2 lakh samples for over 35 brands. It’s easy to spot the kiosks thanks to the crowds they gather at the two locations – Pacific Mall in Delhi NCR and The Oberoi Mall in Mumbai. After the promising response, India will see several other Go Try kiosks in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.


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