Frameboxx Students win Golden Cursor Animation Award

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Students of Frameboxx have won a Golden Cursor Animation Award under Best Student Short Film - STUK. With the tremendous support of their faculty and institute, a team of 6 students successfully completed a 6 and a half minute 3D movie.

Golden Cursor Animation Awards - one of the biggest award ceremony in the field of Animation, witnessed a glamorous and glittering evening, as the members of the great Indian Animation, VFX and Gaming fraternity gathered to honor and recognize the indigenous work of 2008-09 that has made the Indian mark on the global arena even more prominent. The awards given in recognition of excellence in Indian animation industry saw tremendous response from all quarters of the animation sector.

With a turn out of 350+ industry professionals, GCA awarded Animation, VFX and Gaming works across 26 different categories. The event was also graced by International Guests of Honor Anthony Christov, Art Director, Pixar and Ian Livingstone, Co-founder of Games Workshop and also present in the audience was Academy Award Winning VFX Supervisor and Prime Focus, President VFX Worldwide, Michael Fink.

The name of the movie is “STUK” and it is a story of 5 friends who are very different from each other but yet they have one thing in common, which is that, they all want to make it to the same girls hostel as all of their girlfriends stay there. The story revolves around their efforts to make it to the hostel and how at the end the warden of the Girls Hostel tricks and punishes them for their mysterious act.

The students behind making of this film are pursuing Red Boxx course whose duration is 18 months. While making the film, students made use of all the software’s and techniques which they have learned so far in their course curriculum and executed them all. The students did full justice to their area of specialization like Neena Sinha did Character Animation, Ajay Rana - Animation, Shweta Narang - Texturing, Modeling & lighting, Vijay Pal - Rigging, Gurt Jane Valming - Character Development & Story Boarding. The students performed their role under the guidance of their Faculties.

Neena Sinha, character animator and rigger for the film said, “It was a great experience for me. It was my first project and I faced few difficulties, though all of them were solved one by one by the team.”

“Animation is very interesting field but it also needs lots of patient, dedication and skill. I can say that because I have worked on this project almost 10 to 11 hours daily without getting fatigued,” she added.

In addition to this elucidated, Debashish Banerjee, “Earlier it was believed that Animated Cartoon Films were made only to entertain the students, but recently with the release of movies like “Roadside Romeo” & “Hanuman” has changed this perception and produced enormous audiences. Now animated movies are enjoyed by all age groups. But still the biggest chunk of audiences constitute of Kids, therefore they were kept in mind while we were working on the film…”

Naveen Gupta, CEO & Executive Director, Frameboxx said: “Over the past few years, Animation has taken the center stage in the Media & Entertainment market and now more and more companies as well as production houses are actively using animation to realize their creative visions. This has put Animation on the list of preferred career for students. All that is required is the right kind of training coupled with a strong industry interface. This forms the backbone of our services. ”

Also he further added, “We are extremely happy to win an award for our movie at such a great platform like Golden Cursor Animation Awards”.

Golden Cursor Animation Awards are one of the biggest award ceremony in the field of Animation and is known to appreciate outstanding work in the field of Animation & Visual Effects Industry.

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