Fox Traveller, to Facebook for viewer engagement

March 6, 2022 5:08 pm0 commentsViews: 15

Social media and social networking are fast catching up with the marketeers who use use this platform to pitch ideas and brands. Of late , Indian marketeers have also started engaging their audiences by using  social media tools.

Travel and Lifestyle channel Fox Traveller  in association with on Tuesday announced an innovative viewer engagement initiative on Facebook. The channel has launched a contest titled ‘Where willYour Signature Take U?’  which is part of Fox Traveller’s new  brand positioning strategy.

“The ‘Where will Your Signature Take U?’ contest is in line with our new ‘UN’ campaign, which is an ode to  impulse as opposed to precision and planning. The campaign adds a new dimension to our channel philosophy of ‘This Journey is fun’ and portrays a fresh attitude to travel. The contest further plays up on the joys of surprise, randomness, hitting the road without an agenda, not knowing where you will end up. We are excited to partner with for this innovative viewer engagement initiative since Yatra is synonymous to travel and connects with our channel’s positioning and personality,” Debarpita Banerjee, Vice President - Marketing, FOX International Channels said.

The first of  its own kind contest will take the winner to where they sign on the world map. All they need to do is to log into or and submit their signature. The signature will then be superimposed on the world map and the fans will be asked to invite co-travellers for their trip.Top 100 will be asked to share their ‘happy traveler story’, which will be put up for voting.Top two most voted stories will be the winners. The selected winners and their partner/friend will get the opportunity to go to the places covered by their signature.

Commenting upon the initiative, Pratik Majumder, Head, Strategic Alliance and Marketing, said,“Realizing the great synergy between the two brands, is indeed excited to launch this contest and also, the show on the channel. Holding by our vision of ‘Creating Happy Travellers’, we aim at aligning all our alliances to fulfill the same and extract great customer satisfaction out of each. Our association with Fox Traveller epitomizes the quintessence of our brand strategy and will look at many such associations in future.

“With the onset of 2013, is focused to redefine customer experience keeping the demands of our customers at utmost priority. The brand’s constant endeavour is to innovate and exemplify the best in class travel offerings for a holistic experience to reminisce for.”Pratik added.


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