Five things that a marketer should know about Outdoor Advertising

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Sanjeev Gupta, MD , Global Advertisers -2Mumbai: Now a days when a brand is launched in a market, it comes with a back up of innovative strategy to create lasting impact on customers. Like a child, a brand wants to become the favorite of their target customer who has enormous exposure of various other products of same category.

The challenge comes when a marketer wants to create multiple touch points to connect with the consumer.Here comes the requirement of Outdoor Advertising when a brand wants to reach out to local communities, markets, offices and colleges.

Outdoor advertising has become as much important as other traditional media such as TV, Print, Radio and Digital. In an era of smart phones and rocket science, the fundamentals of promotion have not changed. Our industry plays a pivotal role in making of a brand. In our attempt to maintain the cost-effectiveness of OOH medium, we at Global Advertisers make customized plans for every industry including Real Estate, Entertainment, FMCG, Banks and more. Even a small retailers can run an outdoor campaign.  Digital displays have further strengthened our medium.  Innovative solutions such as 3-D cutouts, wall wraps and mobile displays have been giving 100 percent return on every penny spent.

The flagship tool of OOH media is  Billboard or Hoarding  which stand tall on the roads like a messenger for a brand. In India 80 percent companies prefer hoardings followed with bus, rail and other ambient media tools. These formats cover specific routes, traffic junctions and convey the message to TG. The larger than life presence of OOH media creates an impression on customers and enhance brand re-call value.Therefore, a marketer can actually reduce the marketing budget.

———By Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers



  • OOH Specialist

    billboard advertisement is the oldest in OOH advertising and still its working on top.Digital advertisement is also playing a beautiful role in the world of advertising.
    Thanx for sharing this post…..

  • Advertising Guru

    OOH or Outdoor advertisement is must for every brand attract the peoples and to get business and revenue.

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