FCB Ulka Churns Out Another Catchy TVC

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FCB Ulka has crafted yet another eye catching TV commercial after Tata Indica Xeta tvc i.e. the 99acres.com’s first tv commercial. Advertising agencies generally exploit or make best use of current affairs . Vote for Taaj campaign on tv which garnered a huge response was still in the minds of the people when FCB Ulka conceived the idea to mix the age old romance of Taaj with the difficulties which people face finding a right piece of land for their dream home. The chutney of history , love , romance , dreams and humour has resuleted in a very professional and effective tv commercial.

The TVC has a simple concept- built on the brand line “If it’s out there, it’s in here”. However, the treatment uses humour and is refreshing in concept and is timeless in appeal. With the ‘Taj Mahal’ as the background, the concept lays emphasis on the availability of any and every kind of property whether for sale or rent on 99acres.com

“The film is a take off on shortage of space and exaggerates the concept - what if the epitome of love: the Taj Mahal was to be built today? In my mind the use of really old people makes the film endearing and enjoyable.” Sanjay Sharma, Creative Director for the film at, FCB Ulka says.

Set in 21st century, The TVC has the famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz as the protagonist. Nothing has changed in their world except that the old Shah Jahan living in today’s time zone has still not managed to build the promised monument of love - Taj Mahal due to lack of land.

There are some dialogues that create the testy relationship between the old couple as the miffed Mumtaz never misses an opportunity to remind the emperor and mock him over his unfulfilled promise of the past 400 hundred years. The humour is subtle and the situation incongruous with the very regal Moghul Emperor and his now aged Mumtaz dressed in fine regally with the court in session desperately looking for the right property. The film depicts in a humorous fashion how difficult it is to find a space in today’s time.

“Our challenge was to find a topic that could connect with people nationally and was relevant to the category. We wanted the topic to be evergreen and be larger than life in its appeal. The Taj Mahal seemed perfect to us, apart form its timelessness it is the current flavour. Set against the monument of perfection the TVC has subtle humour and is the perfect mix of communication that is compellingly relevant, refreshing and at the same time appealing.” Sumeet Singh, National Head, Marketing Corporate Communication & Strategic Alliances, Info Edge (India) Ltd said .

Through interesting characterization and brilliant performance the commercial is both endearing and humorous. It ends with a broker walking in with his laptop - showcasing 99acres.com. Above all the commercial communicates the ease of finding property through 99acres.com, at the click of a mouse and will definitely gain the attention of builders, brokers and consumers. It is being aired on Hindi and vernacular news channels nationwide.

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