Facebook Solidifies Hold on Social Sign-Ins

November 5, 2021 9:24 pm0 commentsViews:

Facebook hasn’t always been the most popular service offering social sign-ins to other sites. But it claimed the first-place mantle over a year ago and has continued to strengthen its hold across more categories of sites, according to user management platform provider Janrain.

Media sites provide a particularly stark example. At the end of 2009, fewer than a third of social network users worldwide who used social sign-ins preferred Facebook. By Q3 2012, the percentage was up to 53%, compared with an essentially unchanged 21% share for Google and a dramatically lower 11% Yahoo! share.

Music sites have also helped Facebook gain ground in social sign-ins. In Q2 2010, Facebook had a 55% share of such logins; by Q3 2012, it was up to 66%, compared with just 14% for second-place Google. The popularity of Spotify, which rose largely due to its connection to Facebook, has likely fueled much of the growth.

And now, Facebook is extending its dominance from the desktop to the mobile web. Almost two-thirds of mobile social sign-ins around the world in Q3 went through Facebook, Janrain reported. That was up 11 percentage points from the previous quarter and had almost doubled from a year earlier, when Facebook and Google were even in the mobile social sign-in space. Google’s share has shrunk to just one-third the size of Facebook’s.

But even as Facebook has pulled far ahead of the competition, it doesn’t have a stranglehold on social IDs. Just over half of social network users who shared content worldwide (54%) said Facebook was the primary network they used, and the same percentage said it was their preferred social sign-in for any type of site. That still leaves nearly half of social network sign-in users choosing a different service for sign-ins. That second half is fragmented—Google is in the lead with 25%—and continuing to lose share to the social networking juggernaut. But for now, web users still expect options.


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