Eurokids Cutting Edge Media to Launch Good Parenting Magazine In India

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Eurokids & Cutting Edge Media has formed a joint venture to launch Parenting magazine in Indian metros during September 2007.

Good Parenting is a magazine that will address the information needs of contemporary Indian parents and rejects the belief that ‘seat-of-the-pants’ parenting is as rewarding as informed parenting.

“Good Parenting will provide its readers with articles that offer new and refreshingly different insights,” says Rohinton Maloo of Cutting Edge Media. “It is a breakthrough concept magazine and has nothing in common with similarly named publications. It stands for everything that is unique, progressive and courageously different in the context of Indian parenting.”

Uday Mathur, CEO of Eurokids India, amplifies on this - “Good Parenting will feature none of the run-of-the-mill content usually associated with this subject within its covers. It explores new avenues and rejects nonworking parenting models and techniques to raise awareness among Indian parents.”

For a more precise approach, Good Parenting narrows its focus to the ‘toddler-to-tweens’ years. By addressing parents of very young to pre-teen children, the magazine aims to empower them in bringing up their kids in the most impressionable and formative age bracket of two to twelve.

Good Parenting’s contributing authors represent a wide a cross-section of the Indian scenario. They include child therapists, nutritionists and pediatricians, educationists, celebrities who have chosen not to allow the limelight to distance them from their kids, and a rich mix of experienced writers from every walk of life. The magazine challenges modern Indian parents to try out new approaches, simultaneously weeding out Western parenting concepts that do not lend themselves to adaptation into the Indian context. It is positioning itself as the new voice of contemporary Indian parents - parents eager to enrich their fund of knowledge, and to thereby to paint their family lives on a larger canvas.

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