Draftfcb Ulka recreates the magic of Manthan for Amul

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ManthanMumbai: National Award winning movie “Manthan” (1976) made by Shyam Benegal and jointly written by Dr V Kurien and Shyam Benegal was  sponsored by 500,000 farmers of Gujarat, constituents of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation.

It was the first time in India that a feature film had been financed by farmers. Several new trails have been blazed by them; the “Amul Pattern” of dairy development, which today has been adopted all over the country, was also their contribution. Their dairy cooperatives illustrated how small farmers could triumph over adversity. Appropriately, the theme of “Manthan” was the churning up of the social structure when the milk cooperative movement erodes the power of traditional bosses in a village.

To revive this great story of success, GCMMF had created a TVC titled Manthan in 1996. A folk song played to specially created film that also incorporated clips from the movie Manthan that celebrated the economic independence of the women farmers, thanks to the co-operative movement called Amul. “Mare ghar jhanjar laxmi ke baje”(in my house, the bells of wealth ring) was a line in the song that symbolized success.

In 2011, GCMMF produced a new version of Manthan created by Draftfcb Ulka which talked about how this independent woman’s life was further enriched and she now walked neck to neck with her urban counterpart, contributing towards creating a healthier lifestyle for the society in general.

Now again, GCMMF has re-created the magic of Manthan which talks about how the men in these villages are celebrating and acknowledging the financial independence of the women. Today these women are multitasking, handling more than just routine domestic work – from looking after cattle to  studying to  teaching in management colleges to even financing their children’s education abroad. The co-operative movement has created numerous women entrepreneurs empowering them to become equal contributors (financially) to the household. Even when it comes to technology, she is extremely competent.

The TVC, scripted and directed by Subodh Poddar, Creative Director, Films, Draftfcb Ulka, was shot in a village co-operative milk collection center in Gujarat. The Manthan story is unique to brand Amul and showcases the real story behind the success of the biggest co-operative movement in the country. The challenge was to retain the earthy feeling and look of the earlier TVC, but simultaneously show how these women have taken the big leap from being self-reliant to a tech-savvy entrepreneur of today.

“We are extremely proud of the Amul journey so far and the role played by women in managing the dairy cooperatives. This film is an attempt to celebrate their contribution and demonstrate their capabilities to the urban world”, says GCMMF’s Managing Director R S Sodhi.

“The new TVC is an extension of the earlier versions. While, the earlier ones were about the whole journey, right from the milk collection, processing to delivery to the urban homes, the latest TVC celebrates women empowerment. The idea is to showcase men acknowledging women as financially independent and celebrating their role as the Shethani.” says Nitin Karkare, Chief Operating Officer, Draftfcb Ulka.

GCMMF Ltd. is India’s largest food products marketing organization. It procures approx 5 billion litres of milk annually from 3.5 million milk producers in more than 16000 villages, twice a day, and processes and markets its product range comprising butter, cheese, ice cream, fresh milk, yoghurt, milk powders, UHT milk, flavoured milk, ghee, paneer etc in 3000 cities and towns of India and 40 countries around the world. Its annual sales turnover in 2012-13 was US$ 2.5 billion.

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Brand:  Amul Manthan
Agency: Draft FCB Ulka , Mumbai
National Creative Director: K S Chakravarthy
Creative Team : Subodh Poddar, Haresh Moorjani
Account Management: Ruta Patel, Pranay Merchant, Rohan Patil, Ruchi Agrawal
National Films Head- Alpa Jobalia
Director: Subodh Poddar
Producer: Vikas Malhotra
DOP: Gopal Shah
Music – Umesh




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