Discovery Turbo to air The Art of Flight

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Brace yourself for a new breed of action sports series as Discovery Turbo brings The Art of Flight . A Red Bull Media Production, it is an action and adventure packed series with the inevitable drama encountered along the way.

The Art of Flight will present viewers with an exclusive opportunity to appreciate firsthand what it feels like to take part in these exhilarating endeavours. This recipe yields the most comprehensive look ever into the quest to progress snowboarding to previously unimaginable heights.

Two years in the making, The Art of Flight gives iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and friends the opportunity to redefine what is possible in the mountains. Experience the highs, as new tricks are landed and new zones opened, alongside the lows, where avalanches, accidents and wrong-turns strike. Receive unprecedented access to the best snowboarders in the world as Rice handpicks his accomplices from the top riders of our time including John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Nicolas Muller, DCP, Mark McMorris, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore and Jeremy Jones.

Join in the sometimes successful, often trying quest to open up new, unexplored mountains. Chilean Patagonia’s Darwin Range, Alaska’s Tordrillo Range, Wyoming’s Snake River Range, Aspen, Colorado, the Andes, as well as British Columbia’s Kootenay Mountains, Revelstoke and Goat Range are the stage for this epic production.

Immerse yourself in the cinematic experience and the dramatic beauty of the culture, wildlife and stunning scenic landscapes the riders take in along the way.

The Experience:

A Rough Start - The fun crew of Travis Rice, Mark Landvick, DCP and Curt Morgan set off to Canada with high expectations for what is to be the first shoot of The Art of Flight television series. After stress at the border, the team arrives in Canada only to find bad weather, high avalanche danger and risky helicopter situations. When Mark Landvick gets caught in an avalanche, what was supposed to be a great beginning turns into a scary, expensive and a rough start for The Art of Flight production.

Go North - With production behind and the snow melting, Curt and Travis have no choice but to head to Alaska in an expensive last-ditch effort. Hilarious Olympic Medalist Scotty Lago joins the team for comic relief during the drive North and top pro snowboarder John Jackson meets up with the crew in Anchorage. Once at the very remote Alaskan Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, the riders get a great taste of the possibilities and the crew realizes that they have stumbled into terrain unlike anything they have seen before. But once again avalanche danger and bad weather set in and put production in jeopardy. While the riders wait for conditions to change they pass the time shooting guns and goofing off while Curt begins to worry that The Art of Flight is headed for disaster.

Off to see the Wizard - Pressure and adventure increase as time passes for the Art Of Flight crew who are still far from civilization deep in the Alaskan Tordrillo mountain range. During bad weather the riders take to creating explosions and axe throwing while director Curt Morgan watches his budget dwindle. Finally the weather breaks and what ensues is a display of incredible big mountain snowboarding matched with unrivaled cinematography. After prompting from snowboarding hero Jeremy Jones the crew decides to push even deeper into the Alaskan back country to ride the infamous mountain peak known as “The Wizard of Ahh’s”. Alaska finally delivers what was promised.

Chasing Winter - While Alaska ended well it did not get The Art of Flight production back on track. The only choice for Travis and Curt is to chase winter to Chile. Joined by the always funny Scotty Lago and gifted pro snowboarder Jake Blauvelt, the crew arrives in the stunning Andes mountains to find terrible challenging and dangerous conditions. The only choice they have is to wait for snow, laugh and explore the cities and countryside of Chile. As a final effort everyone pitches in to build a very large jump and just when things begin to look up for the crew, disaster strikes.

The New Pioneers - After devastating earthquakes and a volcanic eruption, The Art of Flight crew and riders find themselves stranded in Chile unsure of what to do next. After an attempt to snowboard near the volcano, local authorities ask them to leave the area. Jake Blauvelt and Scotty Lago throw in the towel and head home. This leaves Curt and Travis with no choice but to enlist pro snowboarder Mark Landvick to meet them at the end of the world: Patagonia. Once in Chilean Patagonia Curt, Travis, Mark and their guides find themselves pioneers in the most dramatic and dangerous terrain they have ever encountered.

There’s No Place Like Home - With excellent conditions at home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Travis and Curt invite pro snowboarders Scotty Lago, Mark Landvick, Bjorn Leines, John Jackson and Pat Moore to explore the Wyoming back country. Curt is close to his Brain Farm production offices and decides to bring his entire arsenal of camera equipment deep into the Teton Snake River mountain range via snowmobile in an effort to raise the bar of action sport cinematography. Meanwhile the riders build massive jumps and take huge risks to progress the sport of snowboarding. What follows is mind blowing action, scary season ending injuries and a lot of struggle for the entire crew as they try to manage large amounts of gear deep in the back country.

Going All In - This is the last The Art of Flight shoot and with nothing to lose and everything to gain Curt and Travis decide to move production to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen has been working for weeks to build a custom super pipe and a huge gap jump just for TheArt of Flight. When everyone arrives including pro snowboarders Scotty Lago, Mark Landvick, Jack and Luke Miatraoni, Mark McMorris, Eric Willette, Danny Davis and Sebastian Toutant they all learn that the new jump and half pipe are not ready and Curt has fallen very ill. Travis and the film crew must step up and work without their director Curt Morgan to save this last shoot and potentially the film itself. While the snowboard action they get in Aspen is great only the on-line reaction to the Art of Flight teaser and the New York City movie premiere will decide the fate of this massive effort by Travis and Curt known as The Art of Flight.


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