Discovery Turbo launches Remodelled

June 17, 2021 6:40 pm0 commentsViews: 1

Remodelled-on-TurboNew Delhi: Its not just about fixing your vehicle, it is lovingly restoring it to new glory with a few fancy tricks.  Tune-in to nonstop overhauling action with Discovery Turbo’s Remodelled  when it airs every night at 11:00 p.m. This summer season, the channel dedicated to all things motored, presents a special selection of remodelling series where vintage vehicles set for the graveyard are resurrected by mechical masterminds.

Join some of the most talented fabrication and restoration professionals like renowned design expert Chip Foose on Overhaulin’, unconventional Bangladeshi coachbuilder Leepu Awlia on Chop Shop London Garage and auto artisan Ryan Friedlinghaus on Street Customs, as they lay their hands on a variety of projects including modifications, upgrades and intense repair works.  Pushing the boundaries of innovation and auto design, they continue to thrill speed-crazy customers and viewers alike with their bespoke creations.

From Hummers to Bentleys, convertibles to taco trucks, customised helicopter-limos to choppers, watch the passion and challenges as teams of skilled craftsmen weave in the symbolic stories of their famous patrons into the design and build of each ride from customisations to conceptualisation to execution.

Besides catching up on good ol’ Discovery Turbo favourites, Remodelled will also showcase premiering series such as Inside West Coast Customs, Jesse James: Outlaw Garage and Fast N’ Loud where viewers will witness classic sleeping beauties transform into roaring monsters. It is thanks to the skilled mechanics and visionary experts who are responsible for finding vehicles with the potential to become rapid rockets at ultra-speed. Viewers will discover an outstanding bumper to bumper journey of surprising ingenuity, creation and inspiration. These custom car builders create quality dream merchants despite tight budgets, deadlines and multiple design challenges.


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