Discovery Turbo launches Kings of Crash series

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KINGS OF CRASHMumbai: The world of demolition derby can be summed up by one simple axiom - smash or be smashed.  Discovery Turbo’s new boisterous offering Kings of Crash  is about explosive egos, fierce competition, ferocious killer instincts and automotive carnage that make these disparaging events will blow your mind. Set in the world of legalised road rage, in Kings of Crash accidents aren’t accidents, and the characters are as combustible as the collisions.

Offering its viewers an adrenaline rush and raging testosterone levels, Kings of Crash explores the personal lives of eight drivers who step behind the wheel every week in hope of crushing the competition and bringing home a win. Each derby competitor advances through various heats for a chance to capture the coveted “Mad Dog: Most Aggressive Driver” title.

Kings of Crash  takes viewers behind the scenes as the best demolition derby drivers battle their fiercest rivals for pride, family honour, and most importantly enough prize money for the next race.  These automotive gladiators are just like normal people, leading real lives .  they have given up their free time to pursue the sport they love. Working against the clock to source parts, tune-up transmissions, and make the repairs necessary to withstand the crescendo of crashes, the racers juggle nagging physical pain, strained family relationships and financial stresses as they push ahead in their quest to become the derby champion. Kings of Crash delivers drama, fierce action and showcases the automotive skills of these dedicated drivers.

Some of the episodes are:

To Have and Have Not in Kamas Racing against time, lack of money and ultimate destruction, the US’s hardest hitting demolition derby drivers meet up for a clash of the titans in one of Utah’s highest paying events.  Family member will go against family member and the have’s will try to destroy the have not’s in this first episode. Who will get in the money and who will be voted MAD DOG?
Man Down in Heber Drivers’ bodies and egos are feeling the pain of derby season as the Sweat brothers clash over who is the maddest of MAD DOGS. One driver rolls his first car ever sending another off the field in an ambulance.

Pushing the Grey in SLC The Mountain Guys clash with the City idiots over rules about their cars.  The Days of Destruction Derby claims yet another driver, sending him out of the arena and off to the hospital.
A Father and Son in Davis Father/son duo, Johnny and Dalton Gullo, hatch a plan to drive with each other in the Main Event.  Ryan and Katy Sweat clash with derby officials over disqualification.  And Lazenby risks brain damage against doctor’s orders.

Premiering July 1, Kings of Crash airs Monday to Friday at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery Turbo.


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