Discovery Turbo announces a new show ‘How It’s Made: Dream Cars’

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Ferrari_Enzo,-Dream-CarsNew Delhi: Discovery Turbo has announced a new show titled How It’s Made: Dream Cars  . The show will offer  amazing access to their landmark factories and test labs, the series reveals the inner workings and gorgeous exteriors of these classic beauties.

The 10-part series offers viewers a first-hand look into the mechanics and dynamics of some of the hallmark cars ever made. From body shell assembly where the chassis are made, to the production islands where weld and transfer robots put together the largest parts, How It’s Made: Dream Cars  explores the facts and figures of world’s most loved cars and takes viewers to the core concepts behind the origin of these cars.  The episodes encore every Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

Synonymous with extravagant design, engineering and craftsmanship, Rolls-Royce Phantom is undeniably the most luxurious supercar ever. Made from 200 sections of extruded aluminium and 300 alloy parts requiring 2,000 welds, which are all done by hand, Rolls-Royce Phantom has one of the largest all-aluminium chassis ever.

Viewers travel to Goodwood, England, home of Rolls-Royce’s world headquarters to know how personal touches like the leather upholstery or the 20,000 select wood veneers sourced from around the world, make this car special for its buyers.
From Germany where the Porsche family designs and assembles some of the most famous sports cars, to Italy where the Ferrari headquarters are a state-of-the art industrial city, How It’s Made: Dream Cars  explicates the futuristic designs, advanced technologies of the most prominent cars and shares with viewers interesting facts that will thrill any speed enthusiast.
Some of the dream cars featured in the series are:

Porsche 911: In 1963, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the original 911 to be called the 901, if not for a little competition. Since the beginning, the company has created sports cars and cars specifically for motor sports.  This 911 is the most sophisticated model ever built and is a super car that epitomises tradition, innovation and a racing pedigree. The 911 starts with the body shell assembly where the chassis is made with mild steel and aluminium.  Production islands with weld and transfer robots put together the largest parts, notably the base of the engine bay.  The three robots are programmed to work on all variants of the model.

Ferrari FF: Ferrari has been world famous for sports cars and for being the winning team in Formula One racing history with more than 5,000 victories.  The iconic Ferrari logo was first adopted by the Italian war pilot, Francesco Baracca who had the prancing horse painted on his aircraft   which was then given to Enzo Ferrari as a present from his family. The first major component of this car is the 12-cylinder engine block made of lightweight aluminium which is the core of the 660-horsepower engine.

Audi R8 Coupe: The supersonic R8 Coupe is the best Audi model since the original Quattro. Audi’s quintessential two-seater is the all-wheel-drive R8 Coupe, built in Neckarsulm, Germany.  The essence of the car company known as Audi began in 1899 when engineer August Horch introduced his first auto brand Horch. The foundation of this supercar is based on a space frame chassis and monocoque design.  Interlocking struts form the chassis pattern with few interior supports while the chassis, engine and suspension are integrated into the body.

Morgan Aero Coupe: The Morgan Motor Company is one of the last truly British and privately owned automakers.  Founded in 1910 the manufacturer traditionally hand crafts luxurious road cars and cars for motorsports.   The Aero Coupe was introduced in 2001 andis one of the first Morgan cars built with an aluminium chassis and body, mated with a 4.8 litre V8 engine making a mighty 367-horsepower.

How It’s Made: Dream Cars  premieres every Monday at 9:00 p.m., starting July 29 on Discovery Turbo.


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