Discovery to air Manhunt featuring Joel Lambert

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Discovery Channel is coming with its self-produced brand new series Manhunt , featuring former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert in an extreme version of hide-and-go-seek.

With this show Discovery Channel is all set to thrill its viewers as they can see Joel rescuing himself from the world’s most elite tracking team units in some treacherous terrains.

Filmed on-location in the United States, Poland, South Africa, Philippines, Panama and South Korea, each episode of MANHUNT follows Joel as he is inserted into unknown territory with nothing but a basic survival kit and a canteen of water; he then has up to 48 hours to reach a pre-determined extraction point, while being pursued by a different tracking unit each week.

With cameras capturing the action from both perspectives, viewers will experience the high tension from both – Joel and the special operative teams. An expert in escape and evasion, Joel’s background has well-positioned him to prey on each unit’s hidden flaw—but evading highly specialized tracking units and combatting dehydration, hunger, and the elements proves to be a greater challenge.

Episode Description:

Episode 1: United States/Arizona, “Testing the Eagle”

Ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert faces off against the U.S. Army’s Phantom Recon unit-a battle-tested group of trackers, supremely skilled in hunting down the most elusive of enemy targets.  Their turf in southern Arizona is the harsh 75,000 acres of terrain surrounding Fort Huachuca military base, an area home to mountain lions and bears-and a much-favored route of illegal aliens and heavily armed drug smugglers trying to gain passage into the United States.  If Phantom Recon weren’t intimidating enough, Joel is also being monitored by a squadron of sophisticated unmanned aerial drones, whose cameras have locked in on his every move. With Joel pitted against both top-notch trackers and the latest aerial spyware, will his skills and endurance be enough to get him to a successful extraction before the “enemy” closes in?

Episode 2: Poland, “Race to the Bridge”

Ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert has just 36 hours to escape and evade Poland’s elite border guard, the StrazGraniczna.  Over a distance of 25 kilometers, the border guard deploys all their assets, including thermal camera helicopters, ATV’s, motorcycles, tracking dogs and world class field units, in an attempt to intercept Joel before he reaches his extraction point. As the StrazGraniczna mobilizes dozens of troops, Joel is forced to utilize all of his deception tactics-not to mention, make his way down a 20 meter (70 foot) cliff, and risk a daring truck ride-to attempt to save himself in this battle of Polish pride vs. Joel’s rigorous training.

About Joel Lambert:

Joel Lambert is an exceptional and highly skilled former US Navy SEAL whowas raised in Washington State in a small logging town on the Columbia River.At 22, Joel went to a Navy recruiting office and did nothing but train to ensure he was at top physical condition to be accepted.  In 1998, Joel joined the Navy and made it through BUD/S, the brutal and grueling selection course for the SEAL Teams, where he proudly served during his 10 years in the military.Some ofJoel’s qualifications include heavy weapons trained; stinger missile systems qualified; Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape trained; close quarters defense and battle; Dive Supervisor; Military Free-fall trained.


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