Discovery Science unfolds secrets of Universe

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Discovery Science unveils the untold secrets of the universe with a new season of How the Universe Works.

The series will explore the inner workings of our world with unseen videos and images. With a dynamic cast of experts, the series will look under the celestial hood to reveal the secrets of our universe: the story of how it’s made and how it runs.

How the Universe Works will answer questions that have eluded mankind for years such as, how did an apocalyptic planetary collision and a supernova create our world? How do orbits drive the dynamics of the universe? Could cosmic firestorms threaten life on Earth? The fascinating series uses modern astronomy to reveal the inner workings of outer space. From volcanoes and galactic mega storms to mineral rich asteroids and comets, discover how these titanic forces and extraordinary phenomenon have shaped our world and could reveal clues about the origins of life on earth and elsewhere in the universe.

Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager – South Asia & South East Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Science continues to present the most comprehensive and cutting edge content that examines the impact of science on our everyday lives. With the help of a dynamic cast of experts and computer generated imagery, this series will educate viewers on how our universe is designed and built.”

Journey deep into space and examine the moons, planets and stars that make up the cosmos in ‘How the Universe Works‘ only on Discovery Science.

Some of the questions captured in “How the Universe Works” are:

Sun - How does light escape from the sun? The Sun, our star, generates heat and light, and is essential for all life on earth. But how does this light escape from the sun and get to us? We take a million year journey from the center of the sun, following the path of photons of light.  We witness their fiery birth from nuclear fusion deep inside the core, their 430,000 mile odyssey up through the superheated dense hydrogen gas of the interior of the sun, fighting against gravity and magnetism. Finally we watch as they escape the solar surface, and leap into space at the speed of light.

End of the Universe - The Universe was born to die, but how and when will it end?  Astronomers have sought the answer for 100 years and in the process revealed a Universe far weirder than we imagined. Invisible dark matter threatens to pull galaxies together in a catastrophic big crunch, a big bang in reverse. Dark energy is poised to act in the opposite direction, ripping apart all matter and perhaps even space and time. And now scientists suggest that a sudden phase transition could kill us all tomorrow in a cosmic death bubble. How will the Universe end? We finally know the answer.

How the Universe Works will premiere on November 3rd, Monday to Friday at 10 pm.


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