Discovery Science launches new Sci-Fi series

June 2, 2022 3:31 pm0 commentsViews:

discovery_science_new_logoDiscovery Science has announced the launch of a gripping new sci-fi series that delves into the unknown world in search of the answers to life’s most startling theories in Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

Best known for hosting television’s extreme reality programmes, Joe Rogan is an established American actor and comedian as well. In the new mind wrapping series, anything could happen when Joe blends his unique brand of comic insight and hard research to leave no expert or eyewitness un-interrogated, no forest un-scoured and no piece of evidence unexamined in his passionate quest to get to the bottom of the most unorthodox theories out there.

Each week, Joe will investigate a different area of the unexplained in Discovery Science’s Joe Rogan Questions Everything. One week it may be a government cover-up or an extraterrestrial encounter, and the next he will be on the trail of a mythical creature that we’ve all heard about. Having explored these questions for years on his podcast, Joe now takes his journey to the next level, traveling the country and knocking on any door necessary to find the truth.

When consummately curious Joe is on the case, nothing stops him from barreling headfirst into uncovering the truth behind life’s most startling theories and unexplained mysteries.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything will premiere on June 7 and air every Saturday & Sunday at 9PM on Discovery Science.


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