Discovery Science launches Battle Factory series

From the tiniest bolt to the most destructive machine gun, everything is crucial when it comes to the safety and survival of troops on the battlefield. Discovery Science’s new series Battle Factory  tells us how the weapons and life-saving equipment used in war is manufactured.

The guards of our territories, whether it is the police or military, protect us every day but we seldom think about what keeps them safe. The critical objects that our troops rely on all the time are their saviours in the battlefield. In Battle Factory , you will discover how, many of the critical objects or products the troops use every day in training and camps, are designed, constructed and manufactured.

Battle Factory Y takes us into the hidden world of military and frontline gear factories all over the world where raw materials become finished products and instruments of war.

From tanks to guns, camouflage jackets and tents to binoculars and uniforms to food rations and parajets, the series explores and offers viewers a first-hand look at how these deceptively simple but incredibly high-tech objects are created.

The documentary provides a fascinating look at the making of life saving equipment and provides an in-depth examination of the engineering genius that goes into the making of items like bulletproof helmets, fuel bladders, pistols, firetrucks etc. This show reveals how with troops’ lives on the line, there is no margin for error.

Battle Factory  will premiere on May 18th and will air every Monday to Friday at 10 PM, only on Discovery Science.


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