Discovery channel to air Ultimate discovery show

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New Delhi: Strengthening its 9pm prime time band – Ultimate discovery , Discovery Channel is launching a compelling lineup of enriching programmes in the coming months. Since its launch in 2008, Ultimate discovery  has successfully brought for its viewers the incredible world of science, technology, history, natural world, adventure and exploration.

Bringing its viewers closer to the unimaginable real world, Ultimate discovery  features a whole new line-up that captures the best and takes the viewer to new heights in the genre.

Announcing the new line-up, Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President and General Manager – South Asia and Head of Revenue, Pan-Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “Discovery Channel is dedicated to bring the highest quality factual content that informs and entertains its viewers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement.  Ultimate discovery  at 9 pm is an endeavour to showcase a signature mix of compelling and the best of Discovery programmes.”

Ultimate discovery , in the coming months, launches big ticket shows like Earth Machine, which reveals some of the biggest features of the planet’s internal machinery and how these hidden wonders are driving our existence. The natural history series, Human Planet showcases the incredible ability of people to survive in the most extreme environments and an all new season of You Have Been Warned searches for the funniest, most daring, or just downright bizarre clips and brings together the world’s leading science experts to pull apart and explain the clips to viewers. Bringing the greatest man-made machines, World’s Top 5 pits these super machines against each other, to reveal the very best of the best.

Tune in for an exciting array of shows where every story is crucial and every scene delightfully memorable. Get set for the ultimate. There simply isn’t anything bigger.

Featuring on Ultimate Discovery:

World’s Top 5 Mondays, 9pm

With the help of scientific experts from across the world, audiences are treated to spectacular visuals and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to these life-changing technological titans. Find out how a train without wheels reaches world-beating speeds, or what powers the world’s fastest cars. A panel of expert judges tests, analyses and rates each machine in five categories; all the while, revealing the secrets of their innovative success. WORLD’S TOP 5 will pit these super machines against each other, measuring them in five major categories, to reveal the very best of the best.

Kingdom of Plants    Wednesdays, 9pm

In this series, Sir David Attenborough explores the lives of plants and their fascinating world, from the most bizarre to the most beautiful. Using beautifully shot footage to illustrate his own inimitable narrative style, David traces them from their beginnings on land to their vital place in nature today, exposing new revelations along the way. He moves from our time scale to theirs, revealing the true nature of plants as creatures that are every bit as dynamic and aggressive as animals.

Earth Machine  Thursdays, 9pm
Earth Machine uses data collected by scientists around the world to travel to the centre of our planet, revealing the magnificent engine at its heart. Discover the surprising ways this machine affects our lives every second of every day and how what happens below ground is essential to life above ground. With hidden mysteries and dramatic landscapes, Earth Machine will change our understanding of how the planet works.

You Have Been Warned Fridays, 9pm
Meet the man who can jump out of a helicopter without using a parachute and the New Zealander who gets up-close and personal with fiery volcanoes. From people who are self-experimenting human guinea pigs, or nature obsessed adrenaline junkies each episode of You Have Been Warned will show you the definitive 20 to 1. With the help of amazing storytelling graphics, the series will explain the what, how and why of the biology, physics and chemistry that made these clips possible.

Human Planet Sundays, 9pm
Human Planet travels to extreme environments where people do remarkable, and remarkably dangerous, things just to get by. Each episode is organized geographically, with the opening concentrating on people who live by the sea or ocean, and moving onto the mountain-dwellers, to Arctic regions, to jungles.



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